[H]appy New Year!

One of my favorite days of the year is New Year’s Day. For me, I give myself some grace for not accomplishing all my goals from the previous year, then reset. Nowadays, I do make significant progress on my yearly goals. Take a look at my 2015 Goals. It wasn’t perfect, but I would not have accomplished as much as I would have, had I not set ANY goals.

[tweet “I believe we are so afraid of failure that we rarely set goals that require us to stretch.”]

I set goals that I fail at for years. I am okay with that. As I reflect on 2015, three MAJOR accomplishment happened in my life.

My Major Accomplishments for 2015 – Reflection

1) I got elected to the HEB ISD School Board. This was a three-year goal that is finally accomplished. I am honored to serve the community and love doing so.

2) I ended my ongoing problems with my daughter’s mother. While not a solution for everyone, she agreed to take a sabbatical until Caitlyn has graduated from high school. Not exactly what I wanted, but certainly has brought significant peace and stability to our home. May I never walk into a courtroom again except to help others.

3) I got to visit and tour China for 11 days. While this may not seem significant on the surface, my world perspective changed immensely after that trip.

Here is a brief summary of my goals, for more real-time details and to track my progress, click My 2016 Resolutions.

My Sweet 2016 Resolutions – Summary

Business and Finance: I want to increase my sales of websites in my DFWWebsiteDesigners.com business, increase sales of courses and ads on this site, and finally grow paid public speaking opportunities.

Personal and Health: I want to lose 24 lbs and keep it off, increase my daily Bible reading and the number of books read each year (last year I hit 30, I want to try for 50).

Community and Family: 24 date nights and one cruise with my wonderful bride, Karen. Some personal one-on-one activities and goals with my kids, including a Christmas trip to Disney World. And finally, I want to continue expansion of my HEB School Board and community services.

What are your 2016 Sweet Resolutions? What are you trying to accomplish this year?

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