Sriracha Makes You Wanna Slap Your Momma!

written by Fred Campos
Sriracha Makes You Want to Slap Your Momma

[I] have a confession to make. After all you can keep a secret, right? If anything ever happened to SuperParentMom, the kids and I would live on Ramen noodles and… Subway.

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I normally eat Subway at least once, sometimes twice a day, probably six days a week. I have even been challenged by iTeachBlogging to try to eat 500 Subway meals in a year. But I’ll tell you about that on Saturday. But I digress.

I’m after Jared’s job. (Just kidding Jarid, I love you man!) So as a Subway expert and connoisseur, I seek the perfect Subway sandwich. I believe I have sampled every single possible 6″ combination of mixed breads, meats, and veggies. After years of analysis, I am happy to report there is a single world changing elementary conclusion:

Move Over Gray Poupon, It’s Sriracha!

“I usually don’t get addicted to condiments. I tend to be your simple basic; mustard on fries, mayonnaise on hot dogs kind of guy.” But when it comes to making and tasting the perfect Subway combo, I might debate the “9-Grain Honey Oak” or the “Italian Herbs and Cheese” bread. But I will NOT consented that the greatest must have ingredient to hit the sub or sandwich world is in fact… Sriracha!

What Exactly is Sriracha?

Srircha Makes You Wanna Slap Your MommaSriracha is a type of hot sauce or chili sauce made from a paste of chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt. It is named after the coastal city of Si Racha, in Chonburi Province of eastern Thailand, where it was possibly first produced for dishes served at local seafood restaurants. (Special thanks to Wikipedia for making me sound far more intelligent that I really am. Read more about Everything You Wanted to Know About Srircha but Didn’t Ask Your Momma here on Wikipedia).

Srircha is So Good, Srircha Makes You Want to Slap Your Momma!

Now I realize that not everyone reading this blog is from Texas or perhaps not even from the southern United States. So allow me to have my favorite humorous comedian, Tim Hawkins, tell you the elemental nuances the phrase, “slap your momma” prescribes.

If above Tim Hawkin’s Video Not Seen, click here.

It is that good and it deserve to be on every sandwich. I order it on everything, even salads and Flatizza. I have yet to try it on Ramen noodles or added into my Fuze Freshly Brewed Tea but stay tuned. Give it a try. Write me back. And it is probably a good idea to leave momma at home.

What’s your favorite Srircha Subway sandwich?

No paid image here, Fred takes tons of his Subway sandwiches pictures daily. He’s a fan!



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