[A]s parents, it’s likely you do everything possible to get your kids moving wherever possible. With 26% of American children now considered obese, this is a pressing concern for us all. And, it’s the leading reason why many of us encourage after school and out-of-school sporting activities.

Hobbies are fantastic sources of inspiration for kids at the best of times. And, a sports hobby can get them out and about on a regular basis bring health benefits to the table, too. Hence why you’ll want to do everything possible to facilitate their passion. When they announce their desire to join the football team, you may even have visions of yourself on the sidelines each week.

But before you get carried away, you need to ensure you can cope with the financial burden of that newfound passion. The last thing you want to do is stand in the way of those sporting pursuits due to money worries. And, we’re sorry to break it to you, but this hobby is sure to set you back over the years. Perhaps the best thing you can do, then, is to prepare ahead of time. That way, you at least have a chance to save for each costly eventuality. But, what do you need to save for? Read on to find out.

Sports Hobby – The Price of Lessons

The most ongoing expense is that of the lessons themselves. Most teams ask for payment each term, though some do allow you to split this into small sums for each lesson. Either way, the amount will be the same, and that can get painful over the years. Yet, clubs like those found at www.philadelphiasportsclubs.com are the best chance you have of keeping your child’s love strong. If they only have the option of a kickabout in the garden, this is less likely to be a priority for them. And, if it isn’t a priority, it should come as no surprise if they soon lose interest. But, ensuring they have a club behind them will keep pushing them to make efforts here. And, that’s the best way to keep them fit for an extended period. Bear in mind that most clubs do make efforts to keep costs down. But, you still need to make sure you have enough in the bank when fee time rolls around.

Your Kids' Soccer Gear

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Got to Get the Kit

The majority of clubs also require members to wear uniform kits for their games. And, that’s another expense you need to be willing to pay for. Most clubs can’t afford to print these off their own backs. So, unless the parents put their hands in their pockets, the whole team may have to go without. And, that can cause issues if everyone else they play against has their fancy kits sorted. Again, clubs will keep costs down here in any way they can. They’ll often go straight to a wholesaler who can do them a better deal than you stand to get alone. But, a kit could still set you back a good $20/$50. What’s more, you’ll also need to go out and invest in proper footwear and safety equipment. The reassuring thing here is that this isn’t going to cost you each term. But, it’s a lump sum payment you need to have to hand if you want this to work. What’s more, it’s always worth keeping aside enough in case of breakages. The last thing you want is to take your child away from practice for a few weeks while you save for a new pair of boots. It would embarrass them as well as leaving them behind the rest of the team.

Sports Hobby – A Show of Support

Of course, it isn’t only your child’s club you’ll need to pay for. When we’re passionate about a hobby, it’s natural to look to professionals in that field. As such, you may also need to pay for tickets to a game or two each season. Seeing the pros out on the field can go a long way towards giving your child a zest for their sport. Who knows; they may even decide to up their practice game in an attempt to reach those giddy heights. And, that can only spell good news for the benefits they reap. But, the cost of fandom doesn’t stop there. Your child may also want some memorabilia from their favorite sporting figures. Only then can they go to sleep dreaming of the people who inspire them most. As such, you may want to shop powerssportsmemorabilia.com and other sites like them for birthday gifts from now on. But, as you can see, sporting memorabilia can get pretty pricey, especially from teams like the University of Kansas. So, be prepared to fork out a fair amount of presents from now on.

Sports Hobby Parent Fans

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The Price of Your Time

It’s also worth considering the price of your time. While you may have jumped at the idea of standing on the sidelines, the reality is often less glamorous. Remember that most booster clubs meet a minimum of once a week. Some even extend that to twice, or even three times. And, while you don’t have to stay and watch every time, you at least need to be available to drop your child off. Some days, this will mean leaving work early, which will mean lost money. Over the months, that lost half hour here and there could really start to take its toll on your finances. As such, it’s worth considering how you could facilitate this change. It may even be worth getting to the office half an hour earlier on sports days. That way, you can at least make up for the lost time.

Sports Hobby – A Final Word

In case you hadn’t realized by now, this sporting hobby won’t be cheap. (And it isn’t just about sports, my son’s annual high school band fees are close to $1000, ouch!) Above costs aside, you’ll also need to consider things like home equipment as well. Before you know it, this could all empty your bank balance in no time. Still, you need to show unwavering support by meeting each cost without hesitation. Isn’t your child’s health worth that much?

What additional advise or comments would you add to plan for a kid’s sports hobby?

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