Two Million Dollar Settlement Awarded to Deion Sanders

written by Fred Campos
Settlement Awarded to Deion via

[I]t looks as though the epic divorce saga between NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders and Pilar Sanders is finally over…maybe.

Late November 2015, one of Deion’s attorneys told TMZ that the NFL Hall of Famer felt “relief and vindication” in being awarded a $2.2 million judgment against his ex-wife Pilar after she alleged in interviews that she was a victim of domestic violence. TMZ also reports that the money she now owes him offsets anything he would have paid in their divorce settlement.

In the four years since the former Dallas Cowboys star announced that the couple was divorcing, it seems the two have garnered more headlines than Deion did during his Hall of Fame football career. Some of the conflicts included police involvement.

Settlement Awarded to Deion Sanders, Who has Sole Custody of the Children

Most of the disruptions involved Pilar’s bizarre and unsettling behavior. She was accused of credit card abuse. At one point, she filed paperwork claiming she was a Moorish National Aboriginal and wasn’t required to answer to US courts. She was also held in contempt of court for violating visitation rights of the couple’s three children (he got sole custody of them). In interviews and social media posts, she accused her ex-husband of multiple crimes, including child and spousal abuse, assault and attempted murder.

Pilar’s latest attention-grabbing act became public via the Courthouse News Service on November 9, 2015, two weeks after the law firm of Friedman and Feiger sued her for $1.2 million after she fell behind on her payment obligations.

The firm also represented Pilar in two civil lawsuits against her husband in 2011 and 2012.

While Pilar’s troubles appear to be self-inflicted and never-ending, the $2.2 million settlement in Deion’s favor might finally signal he’s put all this behind him, except for one more potential problem.

Pilar’s attorney says they plan to appeal. But that’s not likely if they don’t get paid first.

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What are your thoughts on Deion’s settlement? Was justice served?

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