Can You Save Your Marriage from Divorce?

written by Fred Campos

[A]s the door to his garage door opened, Wes knew something was wrong. The state of the garage had been ransacked and the back door stood wide open. He quickly entered the house and realized his worst fears had come true. Wes had not been robbed, per se, but some of his furnishings, his wife and his three year old daughter Katrina, were nowhere to be found.

He should have seen it coming. There had been numerous fights about his drinking, many nights that she hadn’t come home at all. Thinking back there were lots of little indications that their relationship was not progressing forward. It had been almost four years to the day that he enjoyed an all expense paid trip to the Caribbean Islands. There on vacation he had met the girl of his dreams and spent the week with her on a rented beach house. It had been a one-week stand relationship, loosing total track of her until she showed up on his doorstep a year later introducing him to his daughter. They quickly reconnected and got married. He added her to his corporate company insurance, bought a house, and took a less desirable supervisor job to finally settle down, grow up and put away his playboy mentality.

But the empty house was just the beginning. A week of long distance phone calls to her parents home, ended abruptly with divorce papers, restraining orders, and temporary alimony.


Can You Save Your Marriage from Divorce? Charles’ Story

Charles and Dawn were the perfect couple. High school sweethearts married right out of high school. She paid the bills and temped her way into an executive administrative position at a five star hotel resort. Charles went to college and graduated medical school. From there he started a thriving urology practice with some of his college buddy. Three kids, two Lexus’ and custom built mortgage later, the dream couple started to drift. Debt and fancy living started to demand more and more hours of Charles time. Meanwhile, world traveling with high rolling businessmen, starting to turn Dawn’s attention away from her husband. It was not long before an extra martial affair started and Charles filed for divorce.


Can You Save Your Marriage from Divorce? My Story

Having started a software company that worked with check scanners, Fred finally hit the big time with a software contract from GTE. At 28 he was finally make six figure income and having the time of his life. A new home, sports cars and lot of partying friends quickly followed. Wads of money attracted the serious attention of his female friend Cyndi. It was not long before Cyndi turned up pregnant and his entire world came crashing down. Fred offered to marry her, but she wouldn’t agree on the terms of a prenuptial agreement. There disagreement turned to bitterness, bitterness to anger, and finally anger to lawsuits.

Whether you’re a Fred, Charles, Wes, a parent, or a friend of someone who finds themselves involved in a child custody suit, you are not alone. More than 50% of American marriages will end in divorce—most of them with kids.

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What can you do today to keep your marriage alive? Could you save your marriage if your life depended upon it?



  1. Shazi Rastegar

    This is a great article, it is so important to ask that question – “can you reconcile?” – before making the decision to end the marriage.

    • @FullCustodyDad / Fred Campos


      that is an excellent point. I think you should try to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to save your marriage. Double if there are children still living at home.



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