It’s Time to Review Your Car Seat Installation

written by Fred Campos
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Back When I was a Kid, We Didn’t Have Car Seats

When I was growing up, it was perfectly acceptable from my grandfather to have a loaded gun in the front seat, an open cold alcoholic beverage in his hand, doing 70 mph down the highway, while I and my cousin stood straight up in the back of an open pickup truck.

40 years later it’s amazing I’m alive today. It was the age before car seats.

When my daughter was growing up, a seatbelt went through the base, and we thought we were cool having a simple snap in and snap out car seats. That was 18 years ago, and cars, car seat laws, and car seats themselves have great evolved further.

Today, car manufacturers have devices built into the cars to aid new parents. Not only are there more modern laws, there are different types of car seats for infants, toddlers and even boosters for pre-teens.

Society has embraced car seats, but installation… well it’s gotten a little complicated.

Car Seats Need to be Addressed at Purchase

I’ve recently bought a new vehicle. As a father of three, my views have really changed compared to my very first sports car in my 20s. “Does it have four doors? Will the kids be able to get in and out on their own? Will it support my iPhone podcasts with minimal effort?” And, perhaps most importantly, “Will the car seats or boosters all fit?”

Will 3 Car Seats Fit? Click for the Answer

Car seat safety and convenience has now become a big part of the vehicle buying experience. By the way, if you have more than two young kids, check out this link to learn which can support three or more car seats. Advises on Proper Car Seat Installation

Car Seats Need to be Installed Properly

“Did you read your owner’s manual when you first bought your car?” If it has been several years, “When was the last time you picked it up?” If you are like me, you read or glanced through it at least once right after purchase. Perhaps you read all the documentation to your car seat as well. “But did you re-read the car seat documentation or look through your parents’ car owner manual when you loaded the car seat in your parents vehicle?”

I’m not trying to beat you up here. What I am expressing, is the installation of a child car seat is serious and complicated business. It is something that is worth the extra few minutes to review and think about. Especially if you are moving your seat from car to car. Thankfully there is a great source that explains details on buying a new car, but more importantly, installing a car seat in a new vehicle. offers a car seat checks. Click any pictures above or click the link below.” <=Click here.

My parents or grandparents would have never forgiven themselves if I had been hurt standing in the back of a pickup. Nor will you forgive yourself if your car seat is not properly installed. Check it out and keep your kids safe!

When was the last time you checked your car seat?

All images and sponsored post from, a great source for finding cars & checking car seat installations!




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