Handling It With “Dad Gloves” – Protecting Your Children (Without Going Overboard!)

written by Fred Campos

[W]e try our best to do well by our kids, and, when it comes to being a caring, attentive father, we can be bound by various pressures. It’s very difficult when you see the epitome of the “perfect” dad out in the street, or on television, and you try to emulate this, you can make a rod for our own back. If we were to be the perfect father, we’d have to get up early, way before the sun comes up, and perfect that strong image so we can protect our kids from all of the dangers in life. But, being a protective dad doesn’t mean having armor and a shield on you constantly, it’s about being a bit more sensible in your protective nature. Let’s have a look at some ways to be a protective dad, but without feeling that you’ve needed to go through the Secret Service to be a qualified parent.

Protecting Your Family At Home

Of course, when we’re in our home environment, we feel we can protect our kids more sufficiently, but the fact is that we can be overprotective in the home environment. If you’ve got young kids, and you feel that crossing the road poses a significant threat to their life, you’ve got to relinquish that grip somewhat. Instead, it’s a combination of feeling secure in yourself, but by making sure that your kids know the difference between right and wrong, safe and dangerous. For your peace of mind, you can very easily install something simple that makes your home feel like Fort Knox, but without being overly so. Coolstuffshub sell a wi-fi light bulb camera, that makes your home a secure fortress, but without the barbed wires and high gates! The key to being a protective dad at home is not about imprisoning your kids in your perfectly protective fortress, but it’s about feeling that you have the goods if an emergency arises.

Protecting Your Chidren From External Threats

For how much we hope that nothing bad ever happens to our kids, there are some threats that – as Dads – we must consider. Of course, you might feel powerful enough to protect your kids while in a home environment. And, for how much this is one of the safest areas for you all, it is exposed to certain risks.

Burglars or thieves represent one of the most common ones. Such criminals might break in with the intention of stealing valuable items, but sometimes the damage might be greater than expected. NOTE: This is especially more true now that we are sliding into a depression and money is tight for thieves looking for a way to make a quick buck.

Even if you are sure that nothing like this will happen to you or your kids, it is essential to take some preventive safety measures that can help you in protecting your family. Whether you have opted for stricter security measures, gates, or personal safety devices, make sure that you are in control of the self-protection or defense system you have picked.

This is essential to ensure that you will have enough confidence in yourself to face any intruder with the knowledge that you know what you are doing. And, if this will never happen to you, it is always good practice to be ready for any eventuality.

Stop With The Stress

We impose these ideas of threats being everywhere onto our children, especially if we are too protective. This means that we stunt our kids’ growth by not letting them do things that they want to do, when the fact of the matter is, making mistakes is part of developing our relationship with the outside world. This means that, as parents, we are responsible for nurturing their belief system in the world. Pseudo child psychology aside, put simply, they look to us as the template for how they should progress through life. And it can be easier said than done, but you have to learn to let things go, and that includes your child’s hand at the crossroads when they are old enough. It’s understandable, they are our babies, but our children need to learn their own path in life, and when we are overprotective, we naturally stifle them.

Our home environment, in combination with our own ability to handle stress, provides the vast majority of the psychological make up our children will have in order to cope with life, and this is why we need to learn to make the environment secure enough, but also learn how we are being too cautious, especially when our children are old enough to fight their own battles.

How do you protect your kids without going overboard?

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