Kid Centric Photos, a Secret Weapon in Custody

written by Fred Campos
Benefits of Photos in a Child Custody Case by @FullCustodyDad
Kid Centric Photo Albums, a Secret Weapon in Child Custody Cases by Fred Campos

When you walk into your custody trial, it’s a terrifying and disturbing time for you and your family. It’s a time of high stress, high risk and probably high attorney fees.

However, the judge’s response will likely range from “I hate this type of case,” to “here we go again.” They’ve seen it before, they will see it again, and after a while, the cases run together, with most running together and few lacking definition or distinction. According to Lee Rosen, who has more than 25 years’ law experience and is founder of the North Carolina-based Rosen Law Firm, the largest divorce firm in the state, says taking steps to make your case more interesting will strike a positive cord with the judge. Rosen says to stand out in a case you should provide evidence that you have a strong relationship with your child. He says you do that by showing, not just telling stories, many of which the judge has heard many times. Got some photos of you with your child during that trip to Disneyland? Bringing that could help your case. How about the two of you eating ice cream together at a church picnic? What about a Christmas-morning video?

My Photo Albums Were a Secret Weapon in Custody

In my personal custody case, the trial came to a complete halt when I presented five completely full photo albums I had compiled showing activities with me and my daughter, Caitlyn. Pictures don’t lie and showing rather than telling a makes for a compelling story. It may seem like a little act, but Rosen has seen this work so often that he calls it, “A secret weapon.” And I completely agree. ”Pictures, videos, things form school, cards, letters, any tangible evidence so you can show it to the judge,” he says. He also suggests you gather the goods and keep it in your lawyer’s office or a friend’s house. But he warns against storing them in your home. Rosen warns that anything hidden in your home could be discovered, and that will make your situation worse. Rosen says the result will be worth the effort. “It’s really going to help the judge focus when your side is presenting your evidence.” I believe it was one of the strongest pieces of evidence I presented to win full custody in my trial.

What was the secret weapon in winning your custody case? What evidence was substantial in your hearing?

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Images of FullCustodyDad’s Creative Memories Photo Albums used during his 2003 custody case.




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