[E]very New Year’s Day since I was 25, I have sat down and written out goals. There is something magical about written goals and even on this 10-year blog, I have written and tracked some of the progress of the goals I have set in previous years. Of course, if you follow me on my personal twitter, @FredsDaily you know that I obsessed with tracking my life, hour by hour. So it would make sense that I would have New Year’s Resolutions or Goals for my life.

I am a Big Believer that the Custodial Parent Should Be the Better Parent

You are probably wondering what would a discussion or representation of goals have to do with child custody? I am a believer that the custodial parent should be the better parent. As a better parent, you should be striving to be a better person: by spending more time with your kids, making more money in your career, and having a better vision for the next person you date and/or marry. The bottom line is you should be striving to do better, be better, read more, weigh less, do a better job, and be a better person. Be a better human, be a better Dad!

Now that my daughter is out of the nest, off to college, and my custody battle has long since been over, my goals today may not reflect the goals I had when I was fighting, winning and maintaining custody. What are your goals?

As I dive into my goals, there is lots of discussion about how many you should have or should you be focusing on just one? I don’t agree with the singular line of thinking but I understand their point. So to start off, if I had to define my thoughts for 2019 in a single sentence, it goes like something like this this…


My 2019 Life Goal

“In 2019, a successful business day will contain an early visit to the gym with a business book, followed by a scheduled website appointment.”

This one simple statement is packed with the single biggest growth area I need to work on for 2019 success. I have tons to say about this and it took me four hours to widdle it down to a single sentence. Nevertheless here are the breakdowns of THAT goal into my 10 sub-goals.

My 2019 Sub-Goals

1. I will lose (40.4 lbs) and maintain a weight of 160. (In 2018, I lost 6.6 lbs, weighing 200.4 lbs.)
    – 01/31 199.4 (down 1.0 lbs 2.5%)
2. I will visit the gym 150 times. (In 2018, I visited the gym 75 times.)
    – 01/31 16 times (10.7%)
3. I will eat 90% of my meals as keto and intermittent fasting. (In 2018, 50% of my meals were keto.)
    – 01/31 (60/70 meals 85.7%)
4. I will read 25 business books. (In 2018, I read 10 books.)
    – 01/31 (2 Attraction Factor, Why Johnny Can’t Sell 8%)

5. I will make $150,000.00 (In 2018, I made $83,464.32.)
6. I will add 150 more new clients. (In 2018, I added 91 new clients.)
7. I will expand my team to four FTEs. (In 2018, I mostly did everything as a solopreneur, then hired one VA.)

8. I will publish 50 Daddy Got Custody podcast episodes with 50,000 downloads. (In 2018, I published 18 Daddy Got Custody podcast episodes with 3,808 downloads.)
9. I will take two trips with Karen (only), and one $10k 10-day trip to Disney over Christmas with my family. (In 2018, I took a $2k 15-day trip to New York with Zachary.)
10. I will get re-elected to another 4-year term and will expand my volunteer service to 700 hours. (In 2018, I served as secretary for the HEB ISD school board, volunteering about 500 hours.)

Each of these sub-goals will have monthly, weekly and for some, even daily plans. We’ll explore those plans in the coming days. But not on this blog, but rather on my business one… DFW Website Designers Blog.

Happy New Year, make 2019 your best year ever!

What are your 2019 goals and resolutions?

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