Lads And Dads Day Outs You’ll All Enjoy

written by Fred Campos

Spending time with their dad has to be something that all young sons love. Spending quality time together will be a great way to bond and to enjoy each other’s company, which is something that not too many sons and fathers have the time to do these days. You’ll be able to find out how things are going for them at school while also imparting your knowledge and wisdom onto them. They’ll simply love being around you!

Now that you’ve decided to enjoy some quality father-son time together, you just need to figure out what exactly you want to do. Here are some really fun ideas that both you and your son will love.

Lads & Dads – Go Golfing

Most middle-aged men love to play golf, so there’s a good chance that this is one of your favorite ways to spend a weekend as well. If so, why not take your son with you and introduce him to the greenway. If you look at these best golf bags, you’ll be able to find an extra one that you can pack your son’s clubs into. It could be worth taking him to the driving range first so that he can have a go at practicing his swing before he moves onto the proper course.

Father & Son FishingCredit

Enjoy Some Fishing

Another activity that the two of you might want to try is some fishing. If you are a keen fisherman then I’m sure you and your son will have already tried this out together before. If not, you don’t need to buy any expensive equipment as some basic rods and nets will do. Take a look online to find out where the best fishing spots in your local area are. It’s also a great idea to pack a picnic so that the two of you don’t go hungry while you’re waiting for a little fish to bite!

Lads & Dads – Go To A Game

If the two of you aren’t really into outdoor activities, you might simply want to get a couple of tickets to go and watch your favorite sport instead. From basketball to soccer and baseball to tennis, I’m sure you’ll both be able to agree on a fun sport to watch. You’ll also be able to enjoy plenty of snacks and pick up some mementoes as well. This will be a lot more fun than just watching the game on the TV, that’s for sure!

Lads & Dads CampingCredit

Spend A Night Camping

If you have more time than just the one day, why not go away for the night? One really cool idea that any young boy will love is to go away camping. Don’t worry if you prefer your home comforts as tents and inflatable mattresses have much improved in recent years. In fact, you will probably be so comfy that you might forget you are sleeping under the stars! It’s worth finding a campsite that allows you to start a little campfire so that you can keep yourselves warm and toast some marshmallows.

Lads & Dads – Play Some Catch

There’s nothing better than a good old game of catch, right?! With this in mind, you could keep things nice and simple and just head out to your backyard to throw a ball around together. This is a great way to get your son away from his computer or games console and out into the fresh air! This is also a really cheap activity to do together as well as you will only need a ball.

Lads and Dads Road TripCredit

Head Off On A Road Trip

You might even like the idea of heading off on a road trip together if you can afford a few days away. There is so much exciting stuff waiting to be discovered and what better way to explore it all than with your son right by your side! It’s a good idea to plan a few different stop-offs on your journey so that you see plenty on your trip. Don’t forget to pack plenty of snacks and drinks as well. If you or your son are prone to suffering from travel sickness, it will be necessary to take plenty of the right kind of medication. You want to try to prevent as many problems as possible for you while you are out on the road, and falling ill and being sick is one of them!

As you can see, there are so many brilliant ways you and your son can enjoy some time together. Your relationship will be a lot stronger and longer-lasting for it thanks to all of this bonding!

What other activities do you enjoy with your kids?

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