Jobs to Work Around Your Kids

written by Fred Campos
Jobs to Work Around Your Kids

[T]here are actually lots of opportunities to earn a living at the same time as raising your kids, but so many you read about are often targeted towards women and moms. However, the options are there for men out there too.

Self Employed Trade – Jobs to Work Around Your Kids

Taking a course or learning HVAC Skills could be the key to getting the career you want while being able to look after your children too. If you can learn about plumbing and heating or electricity, then you can set yourself up at a very low cost and get out there and earn some business. You’ll have a new skill, be your own boss and manage your time. With a lack of people opting for this kind of work these days then there is also a lot of opportunities and very little competition.

Direct Sales

There are so many opportunities for direct sales and so many companies looking for more people all the time. Look at Digital Attitude, Tecacademic or somewhere like Forever Living. If you have the gift of the gab and enjoy sales, then this could be perfect for you. You have the potential to build a good customer base and make a real go of your business.

Photography – Jobs to Work Around Your Kids

Many work-from-home opportunities need little more than a bit of determination, a portfolio, and good word-of-mouth advertising. Photography is no different. Start with a few free (or discount) sessions for friends, family, and neighbors to build a portfolio to gain a good reputation. You can work as much or as little as you want and set your own hours.


If you have a skill, talent, or area of expertise then teaching at a school is an excellent option as it gives you the school holidays to spend with your kids. Alternatively, tutoring privately can earn you a decent amount of money, and you can choose your own house. Try advertising your services on Social media.

Blogging – Jobs to Work Around Your Kids

Whether you want to work freelance or are interested in monetizing your own blog, there is still money to be made in the blogging world. Adding Google Ads and building your readership will help you to make money from a look and also looking for opportunities to work with or cross-post with other blogs in your field to help each other gain readership. Breaking into freelance writing is a little easier if you can show previous experience, but a few decent writing samples may be all you need to get your foot in the door.


Not strictly work, but a way to earn extra money, if you have a spare room, contact your local university about hosting exchange students. If you can provide a room, Internet access, and a caring environment where they can practice English, it also gives you an extra pair of hands with the kids. This also requires no training which is a bonus.

Doing something for yourself can give you the highest job satisfaction and what better motivation is there than your kids?

What other jobs do you recommend?

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