The Involved Custodial Dad is into His Kids’ Activities

written by Fred Campos

[W]hether you are currently the custodial parent to your kids or are working toward that goal, staying involved in their lives is critical. If you don’t have primary custody of your children but plan to fight for that privilege, then actively working to be fully present in their lives will reflect well on you in court. If you already have primary custody of your kids, then you have chosen to take on a responsibility that requires active involvement in their lives.

Why should you become or stay involved in your kids’ activities?

Here are two of the top reasons:

  • Divorce can be very tough for children. It’s confusing, and they may believe that they are to blame or that you might not love them as much as you once did. Your interest in their lives will show them that you do care, and it will reassure them that you haven’t abandoned them emotionally.
  • If you’re involved in a battle for custody, staying active in your children’s lives will likely work in your favor. A parent who doesn’t make time to volunteer at school or go to extracurricular events may not be taken seriously as the best choice for the custodial parent.

The Involved Custodial Dad is into His Kids’ Activities

You might consider a variety of possibilities to be more present in your kids’ lives. You could sign up to be a class parent for a few hours a week. Another option is to help out with some of their clubs and other extracurricular activities. Pay attention when they describe the events they’re excited about, so you can organize or assist with similar events in the future. Once you start doing this, everyone involved will benefit – and most importantly, your children will feel more secure because they will know that you care and that you aren’t going anywhere.

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How do you stay involved in your kids’ lives?

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  1. Renee Groskreutz

    I think that it is also important to consider how important it is to stay involved after the kids leaves the nest. For example, if your kid goes to college, remain involved. Just because you don’t have the every other weekend doesn’t mean you should slack off.

    • FullCustodyDad

      Well said, could not have said it better myself! Thanks for commenting.


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