Mocha Dad’s Fatherhood Roundtable Discussion Session III

written by Fred Campos

Mocha Dad Round Table Part 3 from Parenting TipsOne of my fellow bloggers who I greatly love, is another father Fred out of Houston named Mocha Dad.  This month he has asked me along with six other great fathers to be interviewed regarding great topics in a roundtable discussion on his website.  Below is the THIRD of four interview sessions.   If you missed the first, click here, the second, click here.  However, after reading my responses I would prefer you go to his site (see link below) and read the other six panelist and comment or discuss on his blog.  Thanks – Fred

Mocha Dad’s Fatherhood Roundtable Session III Link

Mocha DadMocha Dad: How do you deal with in-laws?

Fred Campos' Professional PictureFred: 1) With out-of-town in-laws, we never stay with family. We get our own car and hotel. 2) The number one priority is our own nuclear family. We visit and add our extended family secondary to our personal family needs. 3) We put huge restrictions on what our in-laws are allow to buy and do for our kids. 4) We plan out all visits accordingly and never visit or stay long enough to allow them or us to get on each other’s nerves. 5) We never feel guilty about having to be or do anything with anybody. Again we have our own family traditions and in-laws fit in where possible.

Mocha DadMocha Dad: What is the best fatherhood lesson that you’ve learned?

Fred Campos' Professional PictureFred: Children forgive faster than adults and can love unconditionally. Always tell your kids the truth and realize they catch more of your actions than your words.

Mocha DadMocha Dad: What has been your scariest moment as a parent?

Fred Campos' Professional PictureFred: Being a co-parent with an Ex that has significantly different parenting styles. Or stated another way, “Having the faith to give over your child without always knowing who or where they will be with for extended periods of time.” My only advice is to pray and realize statistically, the world really is a safer place for kids today than it was when we grew up. It is unfortunate the media has conditioned us to think otherwise. If you don’t believe me, read “Grown Up Digital” by Don Tapscott.

Mocha DadMocha Dad: What has been your most fulfilling fatherhood experience?

Fred Campos' Professional PictureFred: Having a purposeful and meaningful career, two unbelievable kids, an exceptional wife and a never ending forgiving God who desires to know and hang with me every step of the way.

Mocha DadMocha Dad: How do you discipline your children?

Fred Campos' Professional PictureFred: Children are very different and unique. Therefore, the answer to this question is there is not a “one size fits all.” Based on the temperament, love language, and the way each child perceives pain, will determine the how each child needs to be disciplined. For my sensitive and genius five year old son, a correcting voice or the loss of a clock or calculator would pretty much end the world. For my 10 year old social daughter, not being allowed to play across the street with her friend is Hell on Earth. That said, I am not a fan of corporal punishment under any circumstances. Parents that “spank” lack creative thinking.

Again there there is more to come, click here for the final installment and fourth part.

Now it’s your turn. What has been your scariest parenting moment? How do you discipline your kids?

Fred Campos is father to three and primary custodian to his daughter Caitlyn from a previous relationship. Like this post? Make sure you subscribe to his blog, book him to teach or speak. Image courtesy of stockimages /



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