We all want the best for our children, but rarely does it ever work out how we want it to. Perhaps we struggle with simple things such as keeping our kids happy, or maybe we’ll have trouble filling in the gaps that a single father is tasked with. No matter how hard you work at becoming the ideal dad and how much you provide for your kids, things can always turn upside down and hit you like a ton of bricks.

Ideal Dad – An Obsession for Wanting to do Everything for our Kids

Most fathers would want to do everything in their power in order to provide for their kids. They’ll work extra hours, they’ll push themselves to the limit and they’ll still be there to drive their kids home from school. It gives you a purpose in life–a role to fulfill and pour all of your strength and willpower into. Unfortunately, this can often lead to becoming an unhealthy obsession that simply isn’t good for you.

Wanting the best for your child is fine, but overworking yourself can ultimately lead to health and mental complications that will put you at serious risk. It’s fine to push yourself now and then to provide for your kids, but never overdo it!

A Fear of Being Unable to Fit Fatherly Stereotypes

Whether it’s the stereotype that Dads can’t cook as well as mothers or that Dads care more about their appearances than their children, there are many stereotypes that are just plain wrong and need to be stopped. However, there are also stereotypes that fathers try their best to fit in, such as being the “handy Dad” that knows how to fix and repair everything. It’s simply not true and although having some DIY knowledge is useful, it’s ultimately quite a dangerous skill to have especially if you’re not trained professionals.

For instance, trying to fix something like leaking pipes can lead to further damage and expensive complications. It’s why we have plumbers available to help us with that kind of stuff, or electricians that will be able to deal with everything from minor electrical faults to installing new lights. It’s not just about your ability to do DIY tasks or not, but also about saving time so you can spend more of your day with your children.

Ideal Dad – You Might Not Want to be Alone Forever

Remarrying after a divorce can be quite strange for your child and it’s hard to tell what to expect. However, you shouldn’t feel like you have to forever be a single parent. Although it might not have crossed your mind until now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with remarrying as a single parent and ultimately finding a new love in your life. Your child can learn to adapt to the new environment and learn to understand your feelings so that everyone can get along.

You shouldn’t feel like you should ever hold back your own personal desires and needs for too long. Sacrifice can help provide a better life for Johnny and Mary, but they also don’t want you to feel upset, sad or restricted because of them. You’re human, after all, and it’s completely normal for you to want to seek companionship.

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Contributed post. Feature image via Unsplash.