How to Pack a “Mother Lode” without Dumping One

written by Fred Campos
eBag TLS Mother Lode Mini 21" Wheeled Duffel

[M]aybe I have turned a corner in life. Perhaps I’m an old fart who appreciates custom fitting running shoes and vacuums that actually suck. I just think things should work properly.

However, what isn’t properly working is my oddball, deteriorating luggage. After each trip, my suitcase returns tag-less, zipper-less, and severely gorilla maimed. Who remembers the gorilla suitcase commercial? After replacing my 10th bag, I finally aquired what I believe to be the most compact, handle rolling, five-star rated, superior “travel bag.”

Meet the eBags TLS 21″ Mini Mother Lode Duffel

I LOVE the adjustable, extendable handle. It can easily be retracted for little Johnny or fully extended for Michael Jordan.

But wait, there’s more! The bag stands upright, even when overly packed. An important element when maneuvered by small children.

Take a look at this short video from my buddy, Bernard.

Play close attention to the side handle placements. The TLS Mini Mother Lode, can be easily lifted out of a trunk or onto a dresser for unpacking.

Packing the Inside of the eBags TLS 21″ Mini Mother Lode Duffel

With 2752 cu. in. of space, I can pack for a 4-day business trip easily with this suitcase!

The Mother Lode allows for movable shelves, roll-up dividers, and extra straps to load the bag in a variety of ways.

Lots of zippered and meshed pockets aid in segregating, cleans from dirties, and wets from dries.

[tweet “This 8 lbs, light, durable, Mother Lode duffel, has more features than an IMAX on Thanksgiving.”]

Best Carry-On Bag Ever! The eBags TLS 21″ Mini Mother Lode Duffel

Nearly every zipper on the bag is doubled, reflective, and lockable. Heaven-for-bid one gets damaged, you can still unzip, close and open the bag.

Should it be necessary, the bag comes with a “lifetime warranty” covering everything–even the material, wheels and handles. The TLS Mini Mother Lode is an inch shorter than overhead bin requirements. Thus fitting nicely in compartment above your head or under the seat in front of you.

Look closely at the polyurethane rollers. These are big, quiet, roller-blade style wheels. Furthermore, the top of the bag comes with a hidden add-a-bag strap. The front has a top and a diagonal zipper compartment, for those quick and easy boarding passes, books, gloves or umbrellas.

No Lost Name Tag on eBags TLS 21″ Mini Mother Lode Duffel

Notice the name tag is built into the bag and accessed only from the inside. No more having your tag lost or cut off in transit. Look closely, you will see the bag can be unzipped completely around the edge to expand the bag for extra capacity on your return trip. I personally love the adjustable outer compression straps. This allows you to push down space for overpacking and prevents the bag from accidentally coming open on the trip.

The Mother Lode TLS Wheeled Duffel, tough, light weight and strong!

What has been your experience with your eBags duffel? What packing techniques or travel tips do you suggest?




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