Cell Mutilation: How Phones Ruin Relationships

written by Fred Campos

[I] don’t know you, but I can name one thing you keep on your person at all times. Yep, a cell phone has become that important in modern society. There isn’t a moment when you can’t look around and see millennials and baby boomers glancing at a screen. They’re everywhere and the surge doesn’t seem as if it’s going to stop anytime soon.

As helpful as they are, they can ruin lives. Does this sound like a big statement? It should because it’s true, and relationships are in the firing line the most. Below are the reasons why cell phones mutilate love lives.

How Phones Ruin Relationships – Cheating

No one is going to argue that cheating didn’t exist twenty, thirty years ago. It did and it was wrong back then. However, it’s as accessible as ever today thanks to the likes of Tinder, Bumble and Grinder. Without leaving the house, a person can sign up to an app and “check out” the local talent. Even if it’s a laugh, it gets real when someone asks you out on a date. The temptation is harder to ignore because it’s only a couple of swipes away on the device in your back pocket. A study on https://www.deccanchronicle.com/lifestyle/sex-and-relationship/300518/chatting-counts-as-cheating.html/ proves it, too.

Bad Experiences

Not to attack Tinder, but it has a lot to answer for. As well as facilitating cheating, it makes the world of dating less appealing. Women, in particular, aren’t happy with their experiences. And, it’s easy to see why when guys don’t act like gentlemen. Tinder itself is almost a hookup app where every match asks for nudes or to meet up within minutes of starting a convo. This isn’t the fault of a cell supplier, yet it exacerbates the situation. Having these apps on your phone can make you think that finding The One is almost impossible and encourage you to give up on love.

How Phones Ruin Relationships – Unscientific Algorithms

Dating sites say they use science to find you a match, yet they’d pair you with an owl because you both like to stay up late. As a result, the people you meet are never going to stand the test of time. There is nothing wrong with them, but they were doomed from the beginning. In general, this only adds to the impact of paragraph two.

https://macbeth-matchmaking.com/dating/introduction-dating-agency has a different approach. You fill in your details and then go for an informal interview where they can learn more about you as a person. The hit rate and quality of matches are excellent because of the human aspect.


In the beginning, you want to talk all night and do other things too. After a while, it gets harder to maintain the passion and the mystery. Some couples graft and do everything they can to keep the relationship alive. Others sit on their phones and spend their nights ignoring their significant other. Inevitably, these couples break up and go their separate ways. But, it could have been different without their phones are distractions.

Do you agree or disagree – can cell phones ruin relationships?

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