Going to Court, Where Should You Park?

written by Fred Campos

Going to Court, Where Should You Park? by Fred Campos https://www.daddygotcustody.comOur last blog, “Court Days are Big Days Too” addressed the importance of spending some time in the court room before your actual court date. Getting familiar with surroundings, understanding where to go, the location of the lunch room and bathrooms, seeing how people are dressed and how they act goes a long way in helping eliminate angst and grow confidence when you walk through that door for your real test.

We also discussed learning the best route and noting traffic patterns, both of which will help you know what to expect and calm you before you walk through the door and enter that challenging world of litigation. OK, got all that?

Then let’s add one more to the list. Like other pre-trial actions, this one might be overlooked, but deserves some attention.

It’s parking.

While not a big deal in the overall picture, if you are looking for small advantages, this is one.

What is your parking goal? Do you want to limit that walk to the courthouse? Parking closer will help, but you will probably pay for it. Or do you prefer taking a 10-15 minute walk to reduce anxiety before you begin that stressful day? Or will you take public transportation and avoid all the parking costs? There are no wrong answers here. But again, go through a trial run before your trial date. Know your stops and surroundings. You can’t afford to miss your stop due to focusing on the unknown travails that await you.

Leave your options open on this one. Just know where the lots are located, the cost of each one, the street entrance locations and gauge the walking time to the court room. Keep in mind, many courthouses now have metal detectors and security check to get through. You could type a note in your phone or leave yourself a voicemail about where you parked. There is nothing worse than having a stressful day in court and then walking the parking garage floor to floor looking for your car.

Several times I have been to heading downtown only to find my main lot full or roads blocked due to construction. In my experience, time in court always takes longer than expected, so I avoid the parking meters or I’ll be back in court for another reason. Just like the tips from last time, knowing what’s going on, having a plan A, a Plan B, or even a Plan C will help your day go much better. You will walk through the door confident and put together for the day.

What other suggestions do you have for relieving the stress of parking near a courthouse?

Fred Campos is father to three and primary custodian to his daughter Caitlyn from a previous relationship. Image courtesy of Ben Ostrowsky via Flickr.



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