[W]e interrupt this custody blog to hear a message from one of my kids, Zachary Campos, about this important reading announcement. Take it away Zachary!

Reading is a fun habit which can take you anywhere in the world. No matter what you want to learn to read, there are books for everyone. You can read anything from the latest discoveries in science to the history of different places and times, to fantastic stories about anything you can imagine.

Reading is an Important Part of Early Literacy

Reading Oasis is a program that my Dad promotes through the United Way to bring books to Title I schools that kids can check out so they can read more of what they like to read. Giving more books to students that they find interesting is a great way to help them learn more and expand their thinking. When you read, you have more information to become a better person. You can learn about new places, new concepts and languages, and much more. Reading opens doors to other countries, other people, and other cultures. Here take a look at a video we created…

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This is why the Reading Oasis is so important. For lots of kids, those ideas aren’t even going to be occur, because reading in school is often treated as work. But learning is more than work, and a Reading Oasis gives kids the chance to make reading fun, by helping them read what they want to read. People become better readers when they read, and this is why it’s so important to give kids more opportunities to read. Everyone wants to read, if they find something that they like.

[tweet “Donate to @UWTarrant #UWTarrant by texting Oasis to 41444”]

Donate to Reading Oasis = Text Oasis to 41444

That’s what Reading Oasis is all about– giving every student more chances to find their favorite subject or idea. So if you donate to the United Way and Reading Oasis, you’re helping kids grow with ideas that will help them shape their future. I hope you’ll help us make that happen, so more students can find out what they want to learn by reading more.

Will you help Zachary raise money for Reading Oasis? Donate by texting Oasis to 41444.

Featured image taking when Zachary and I visited a new Reading Oasis.