Breaking up is never easy; it doesn’t matter if it was you that called it quits, or your partner that suggested that you go your separate ways. When you’re married and your lives are intertwined, it can be particularly messy as there are assets to split up, custody and care of children to consider and finances to sort. These are just a few of the reasons why divorce has been stated to be one of the most stressful life events that a person can go through. On top of this, it’s not always possible to get a completely ‘clean break’ as there’s sometimes alimony money to sort too, this is the legal obligation for the higher earning spouse to pay their ex partner maintenance money for a period of time after a divorce.

Dealing with Divorce When Alimony is Involved

Alimony is a sensitive and difficult subject, so whether you’re seeking alimony or want to fight against it, it’s crucial to have experienced lawyers on your side. As well as being a complex issue, changing laws mean you need to have the most up to date knowledge and information to be successful. These payments are no longer simply ruled in favor of the woman, but are closely examined and ruled according to the reformed laws and the needs of both parties and there are lots of issues that get taken into consideration. If you’re dealing with a divorce where alimony is involved, check out the infographic below for some fast and accurate information.

Infographic by Travis Walker Law

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