Apps to Aid Your Midlife Career Change Before the Big Switch

written by Fred Campos
Mid-Life Career Change

When you are 40 or older, you may experience a change in values that could affect how you see your job and the industry you work in. Perhaps, you want more flexibility in your work hours, better retirement benefits, more productive use of your skills and experience, or a job that makes you happy. No matter your reason, it will most likely produce the desire to switch to a career that best suits your present and future values. Before you venture into a new job, there are certain ideas you should implement to make the transition smoother.

Evaluate the Impact of Such a Midlife Change

Changing careers in the middle of your life is not the same as doing it in your early 20s or 30s. With a midlife change, there may be so much you have to learn and unlearn. Would the midlife career change ideas you’re considering require you to receive additional education or training? If it would, does it involve getting a formal degree? Some employers offer to sponsor new employees through the training programs they need to perform their duties. However, it helps to do your research and take online courses to boost your chances of survival in a new career.

You should also consider how a career change would affect your relationship with your family. Would a new career afford you more time to spend with your family? Try as much as possible to access the risk factors, working hours, and retirement benefits associated with your prospective career.

Check to See if there are Well-Paid Jobs Available in Your New Career

While you pursue your passion, it is only natural to seek career changes that pay well. Try your best to know how much income to expect, especially if you are to start at entry-level. These days, there are online resources for almost everything career-related. You might want to consider using one of such tools that are dedicated to helping professionals estimate their worth and income before they start a new job. Of course, these estimates will be based on your relevant skills and experience.

A less direct method of estimation you can use is networking with other professionals before you go ahead and find a new job. Interacting with people who have experience working in your new field can provide you with first-hand details of the income, benefits, and expenses involved in your prospective industry. Here, it is essential to consider how long it took these people to get to where they are. You can easily extend your professional network with apps that connect people based on their career interests and responsibilities.

Gather the Resources to Help You Find a New Job

We are way past the days of searching for jobs on newspaper listings or online telephone directories. Technology has advanced to a much higher level. Job-search apps are one of the most effective ways to find new jobs. Before leaving my last job, I used some apps that help professionals transition smoothly into midlife career changes that pay well.

Apps to Change Professional Career in Midlife

With these apps, I was able to find and research on my current, well-paid job. Perhaps the most helpful feature of job-seeking apps is the ability to notify you of job roles you may find interesting. That way, you don’t have to spend hours scrolling through company pages in search of vacancies.


You would agree that changing careers in midlife is perhaps the boldest step a person can take. Such a bold move is plagued with uncertainty, yet it could be what you need to become happy and successful. Prepare well by studying relevant online courses to improve your skill set. Network with other professionals in the field so you know what to expect. Leverage online apps while you hunt for a new job. Taking these necessary steps will help you make the right decision eventually.

What is your favorite career app?

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