The Story of Gus’ Parental Alienation

written by Fred Campos
Alienated Parents Stand Up for Gus

Alienated Parents, Stand Up for Gus promoted by Fred Campos https://www.daddygotcustody.comYou probably know Jason Patric for his movie roles in such films as The Lost Boys, Sleepers, or The Alamo.

But he’s currently dealing with a situation that he, like a growing number of American parents, never thought he’d face. He is an alienated parent.

While his personal situation differs from most alienated parents, his son Gus, was born via in vitro four years ago, but his former girlfriend has taken the child and refuses his multiple requests for any visitation. (By the way, this behavior by My Ex was a key reason I was given full custody in my own paternity suit. Aka parents, this doesn’t look good for you.) Furthermore, as I explained in Often Subtle, Parental Alienation Can Have Devastating Results, this conduct hurts kids. Kids need to know they have two parents and have the freedom to love them both without editorial negative influence from either parent.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>While Patric’s particular situation raises many controversies, the actor is using his influence as a celebrity to help others in his position. He is raising money to help alienated parents. Some can even get pro bono help. On a four minute, forty-three second video on his webpage, he says he is giving money to a family law outfit in Los Angeles that will provide for one year, an attorney to help 100 families who have been torn apart due to parental alienation. He eventually hopes to put one pro bono lawyer in each state, to accommodate those who come and say, “I have nothing. I just want my child back.”

Mom’s, custodial parents, parents and grandparents dealing with divorce, take the high road, don’t alienate the other parent. There are other forms of alienation such as verbal and emotional which we’ll discuss in future posts. However, in regards to physical alienation, don’t deny visitation, especially don’t deny any court ordered visitation. Don’t bad mouth the other parent and don’t use your children as pawns or secret them to get back at the other parent.

Take a stand. Support Gus and other children like him. Stand up for alienated parents!

For more on Jason Patric’s program, or to help or donate, please go to How have you dealt with parental alienation?

Fred Campos is father to three and primary custodian to his daughter Caitlyn from a previous relationship. Image courtesy of Stand Up for Gus media page.



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