Being a Dad is no easy feat. Just trying to find the balance between providing for your kids and enjoying time with your kids is a constant battle where one can affect the other. However, being a single Dad is a whole new ball game. Literally. It is like trying to play two-against-one badminton in a lion’s den. There are just so many responsibilities to juggle.

That said, a few bumps in the road and a couple of steep learning curves aren’t enough to derail the Daddy train and prevent you from being the best single Dad the world has ever seen. We’re not saying it is going to be easy; we’re just saying it is totally possible, and to help you with this we have pulled together a list of top tips and bits of advice to help you be the Dad you have always wished you could be.

Advice for Single Dads – Your Best friend Is Research

In order to be the best Dad, you are going to need to do a whole lot of research at every stage of your kid’s life. That means setting aside a couple of hours each week to sit down and start educating yourself. It could be that you want to know what the best diaper bags for twins are or which baby monitor will suit your needs, in which case subscribing to a website like could be your best bet. It could be researching the nurseries in your area to see which has the best ratings, or what school is going to be the best option. It could be that your kid is at an age where social interaction is advisable, so start looking around at what clubs you can join. Anything and everything you can educate yourself on the better.

Advice for Single Dads – Work With Your Employer

Being a single Dad is no easy feat when you have working commitments that need to be upheld. It is the ultimate juggling act, one so terrifying no circus would ever have it on their books. To ease the pressures, stresses, anxieties, and worries, though, you should speak to your employer about creating a work schedule that suits your needs. It could be flexible hours that you go for so that you can pick your kid up from school, or perhaps you can work remotely. Most good employers will work with you to come up with a solution.

Advice for Single Dads – Non-Girlfriend Girl-Friend

The sooner you can make friends with a woman that you aren’t romantically linked with the better. It could be your sister, it could be an old school friend, your aunt, their godmother or your kid’s teacher; so long as you have a woman on speed dial that you can talk to and get things clarified with you will be fine. It could be that you need help curling your child’s hair before the school photo, just getting help with through the teenage years, or maybe you are concerned that they don’t have a female role model or perhaps there are just some topics that sit well and truly out of your comfort zones and you just need help talking about them. I had a neighbor friend help me with Caitlyn’s hair until I bought the… Dad Hair book.

Whatever it is, having a strong and trusting female that you can go to and they can look up to is going to help you no end. We promise you that.

What advice do you wish was given to you? What advice would you give single Dads?

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