[N]ow isn’t this an insight that we would all like to know. Sometimes you see your children playing and chattering away to themselves, pretending that their toys have come to life. And you can’t help but wonder what is going through their minds. Children’s minds are a wonderful thing, and you have to appreciate that they can make fun out of pretty much everything. They can bring toys to life, they can play for hours and hours without their imagination running dry, yet you’ll watch them become more intelligent over the years, without that imagination failing until they get a little older. So if they can create all of these different images in their head, what do you think they think about the rest of their life. Do they put up a barrier, and create their own version of the world we see? Or are they more intelligent than we think, picking up on the smallest of things that even we miss because we don’t have the time to look? Well, we want to try and give you a child’s perspective on life, so see what you think of the life they might be living in their head!

A Child’s Perspective on Life – The Hurt & Anger They See

So, because all you ever see is your child have the most wild imagination, to the point where you might feel as though they’re locked in the bubble they’re in, it’s easy to think they won’t notice the hurt and anger around them. But this couldn’t be more wrong. Children actually pick up on so much, perhaps more than we have been lead to believe. One of the most common scenarios children are exposed to is divorce or separation of their parents. But because they’re just children, arguments happen around them with the belief from the parents that they won’t understand the situation. This is so wrong. They’ll sense the anger, feel the emotions, and they will know what’s going on. Divorce lawyers will do all that they can to ensure a child has the best outcome, as well as the parents, and this often includes them keeping all discussions away from the child. But in the comfort of their own home, so many adults argue, scream and shout, and say all sorts of things in front of the child. All of which will be locked in their memory, and have a profound effect on their life as they grow.

The Imagination They Use For Anything

If you think about it, you can’t quite remember the time where your mind just switched off, and that image faded away. Come to think of it, it’s hard to remember what you were even running around playing with toys, talking to them as if they were real. Were they talking back in our minds!? Or were we just so involved with the play we were talking to them? But this image is not just used for play, it can be used during learning, social situations, and pretty much anything else you can think of. For some children, it can put a smokescreen on the reality that you will have to try and lift eventually. For example, some children believe they can fly and will jump off the highest platforms with their failing wings at the ready. There’s definitely a difference between imagination and delusion that you need to try and define for them.

Be careful arguing in front of your kids for it just might show up in your child’s perspective on life!

What are your thoughts?

Contributed post. Feature image via Flickr.