[I]n addition to providing attorney listings, and a custody course, we also build websites for the legal profession, attorneys and lawyers. A typical SEO’d custom-built website usually runs $3500-$4500 and can be designed and launched in under seven days. If your existing website needs upgrading to be mobile responsive and/or a modern web face lift, we charge about $2500-$3500. Fill out our Contact Us form if those interest you.

But wait, there’s more!

FullCustodyDad pre-builds and buys high profile domains. Here is just a small sampling of sites to consider. If you are interested in a site you don’t see here contact us. We try to buy popular domains in all major cities.

Attorney Websites by FullCustodyDad for Sale

1. Created 03/30/2016 www.DFWCustodyLawyer.com – For Sale Buy Now $1497Details & Story

2. Created 04/01/2016 www.GettingDivorcedwithKids.comFor Sale Buy Now $1503 SOLD

3. Bought 04/03/2016 www.HiringaDivorceAttorney.com – $1507

4. www.FatherChildCustodyAttorney.com – Domain Only $513, with website 1513

5. www.FightingChildCustody.com – Domain Only $517

6. www.FindaDallasDivorceAttorney.com – Domain Only $523

7. www.HireaDivorceAttorney.com – Domain Only $527

8. www.MyChildCustodyAttorney.com – Domain Only $533

9. www.WinFullCustody.com – Domain Only $537


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1. www.BeginningMinecraft.com – For Sale on Direct, Buy Now at $997

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