This summer, now that my son Zachary is 14, it is time for him to learn the website business. I have lots of father/son topics to teach him. In doing so I am combining a vacation with work training. As you know, I have started a podcast with a long-term focus on attorney interviews. Taking all of these elements into consideration,
I am taking Zachary on a 15-day trip up and down the east coast to both learn from me the art of website development, and accompany me in interview attorneys from different states.































The Objective:

I want these 15 days to be filled with non-stop learning moments. So for my 14-year-old son Zachary, he has to raise money (borrow the money) for the trip, plan the trip, aid in helping to build websites to fund the trip (and pay back any money borrowed) and assist in attorney interviews for the podcast. In addition to the podcast, we will be daily blogging and vlogging on YouTube our adventures. There are dozens of different ways you can help and support.

The Trip:

Not spending more than $200 a day and with only our laptops and backpacks we plan to travel to New York City and back via Greyhound buses, Amtrak Trains and cars. Click here for our test run of this trip. Below is our actual agenda.

SUN 07|01|18 – Depart Dallas,TX Arrive Baton Rouge,LA – DONE
** Staying with Ainsley, thanks for your hospitality!

MON 07|02|18 – Depart Baton Rouge,LA Arrive New Orleans,LA – DONE
** Staying with Olive, thanks for your hospitality!

WED 07|04|18 – Depart New Orleans,LA Arrive Atlanta,GA – DONE
** Staying with Michael & Joann Oyervides, thanks for your hospitality!

FRI 07|06|18 – Depart Atlanta,GA Arrive Raleigh,NC – DONE
** Staying with Rachel & Jeff Jones, thanks for your hospitality!

MON 07|09|18 – Depart Raleigh,NC Arrive New York City,NY – DONE
** Staying with George Aguirre on Long Island, thanks for your hospitality!

THR 07|12|18 – Depart NYC Arrive Raleigh, NC – DONE
** Staying with the Rachel & Jeff Jones, thanks for your hospitality!

FRI 07|13|18 – Depart Raleigh, NC Arrive Chattanooga/Pikeville, TN – DONE
** Staying with Janet, thanks for your hospitality!

SAT 07|14|18 – Depart Nashville Arrive Little Rock/Alexander AR, AR – DONE
**Staying with Jason, thanks for your hospitality!

MON 07|15|18 – Drive home

Initial Funding: – DONE

I personally am not a big fan of charity fundraising or you giving money for this cause. We will create a donate button, but we would rather borrow and payback with interest. Below is a pure donate button as well as five simple loans we would like to pay back within the trip and the 30 days that follow. NOTE: Although I am doing this to teach Zachary the lesson of borrowing and paying back money, I Fred Campos, owner of DFW Website Designers, will also underwrite the risk so that the money if not produced by my son or the trip will be paid back by August 16, 2018.



All Donors Will Be Honored Here


Attorney Podcast Interviews

Six lucky attorneys from Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Atlanta, Raleigh, New York City, and Washington DC can ask to be interviewed on the Daddy Got Custody podcast. We will be travel through these cities and will bring all the equipment necessary to be a part of this growing podcast. Please fill out the form in the sidebar to the right (or below).

The adventure begins on July 1st! Want to help, then buy a website listed on the right!