DGC 009 – 06/10/2018 Your Final Court Case Rehearsal Dinner

written by Fred Campos
What Does a Judge Look for in Child Custody Case https://www.DaddyGotCustody.com

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[F]red Campos, @FullCustodyDad, discusses all the elements that make up your Final Court hearing. Like a wedding rehearsal dinner, Fred outlines the evidence and witnesses you need to have pre-prepared for in regard to this all-important event. Fred outlines three helpers, and eight important task you need that of your final and how to organize them into a winning case. Success favors the prepared parent, be that parent!

Life Comes Down to a Few Moments Your Day in Court is One of Them

  • You Rehearse the Important Days of Your Life
  • You Invite Everyone to These Important Days
  • Your Final Day in Court is a Very, Very, Serious Moment
  • Plan for It and Treat It as Such

Eight Key Factors for a Winning Final Court Case

  1. Your Appearance and Conduct in and Around Court – You must dress for success, wear a suit if you are a guy, and be cordial to EVERYBODY you meet. Your court conduct begins and ends from your car.
  2. What Judges and Juries Look for in a Custodial Parent
    • Kid-Centric Parents
    • One who doesn’t speak ill of their Ex
    • One who has the most time to raise the kids
    • One who can be fair to co-parenting issues
    • One who is stable
  3. Pre-Visit Court and Find Parking, Bathrooms, Meeting Rooms & Courtroom
    • Like a Dress Rehearsal, You Need to Know Where You’re Going
    • Know Where to Park
    • Know Where the Bathrooms Are
    • Know Where to Meet Your Attorney
    • Know Where to Meet Your Helpers
  4. Working with Your Attorney About Yours/His Court Day Plans
    • Listen to Your Attorney’s Suggestions
    • She Does this for a Living
    • Bring 100% of What is Required
    • Make Suggestions but Yield to Your Attorney
    • Keep Notes During Trial
  5. Giving Instructions to Your Key Called Witnesses & Helpers for Court
    • Give Your Witnesses Written Instructions:
      • Where to Park
      • Where to Meet
      • What to Bring
    • Give Them an Overview of What They Will Testify Too, but Don’t Write it Down
    • The Role of Your Evidence Puller Helper
      • You Are Not Alone, You Can Have Helpers
      • If You are Remarried, This Should Be Your Wife
      • This Can Be Your Attorney’s Helper
      • They Should Sit with You at Your Attorney’s Desk
    • The Role of Your Witness Finder Helper
      • Clipboard Friend Who is in Charge of Finding and Checking In All Your Witnesses
      • Has a List of Cell Phone Numbers
      • Needs to Know and Communicate with Your Attorney
      • Keeps Track of Opposing Witnesses in the Hall
    • The Role of Your Courtroom Thermometer Helper
      • A Friend Who’s Job is to Only Sit and Watch Everything
      • She Should Take Notes on Her Opinion of How the Case is Going
      • Sits in the Back, Doesn’t Draw Attention to Themselves
  6. Organize a Mid-Day Lunch Meeting with Your Helpers
    • Have Lunch with Your Attorney & Helpers
    • Let the Thermometer Helper Go First and Recap & Grade You
    • Listen to the Thermometer Helper
    • Make Changes to Your Witness List and Court Plan
    • Listen to Your Attorney
  7. Practice Your Testimony and Cross-Examination Questions
    • Practice Answering Questions with Your Attorney and Friends
    • Allow Other to Critique You
    • Role Play Cross-Examination
    • Practice “Yes,” “No,” “I Don’t Know,” “Perhaps” and “Long Answers”
    • Review Signals with Attorneys
  8. Finalize Your Court Day Written Plan & Pass Out Contact Info
    • Update Your Plan
    • Write It Out
    • Make Copies
    • Pass Out Contact Information to Your Helpers
    • Make Yourself a Cheat Sheet
    • Why You Want Custody
    • Why Your Ex Should Not Have Custody
    • Facts About Your Kids
    • Get Some Rest

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