Why Is Moving To Italy A Beneficial Decision For Your Kids?

written by Fred Campos
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Providing a comfortable and safe lifestyle is the dream and priority of every parent. They do everything in their power to ensure that every need of their beloved child is fulfilled. For this reason, some parents also try to relocate to a new country such as Italy.

Yes, moving abroad with kids is indeed no easy job. It includes numerous complications such as language barrier, interruption in kids’ education, cultural shock, and citizenship. But, as long as your family is together, the relocation process becomes unexacting. Additionally, you can use this guide for your help.

Moving to Italy – Getting Italian Citizenship

After finalizing your destination for relocation, you must look for ways to get permanent residency or citizenship. It will help streamline legal formalities and provide your kids with the same benefits and opportunities as an Italian citizen.

In Italy, there are numerous options available for non-residence to avail citizenship. For instance, you can apply for an investor visa, commonly known as “Golden Visa Italy,” to avail of EU rights and free Schengen Zone access. You can also check the complete guide on mbersanilaw.com and learn about the legalities involved. Remember that having an attorney by your side will also help you abide by the necessary guidelines easily.

  • What Are The Necessary Requirements?

To avail Italian Investor Visa, you must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Invest EUR 2 million (minimum) in Italian government bonds.
  • Invest EUR 500,000 (minimum) in Italian shares. This limit is reduced to EUR 250,000 if the investment is made in an innovative start-up.
  • Investment of EUR 1 million in projects of public interest in Italy.
  • How To Apply?

Applying for an investor’s visa is also quite easy. All you need to do is:

  • Prepare an investment plan and collect necessary documents for investment.
  • File application with the Italian Consulate. (Here, the Investor Visa Committee will review and approve your documents.)

To facilitate this process working with an attorney will be quite beneficial. They will help you select the right investment and easily avail of the residency.

How Will It Benefit Your Kids?

Relocating to Italy and availing yourself of citizenship by investment will offer numerous benefits to your family, including the kids. Some of the major perks for your kids are:

  • Education: As you know, the Italian schooling system is quite reputed and focuses on obedience and rote memorization. Your kids will be able to get a high-class education and even access to free public education.
  • Healthcare: Obviously, you cannot compromise the health and wellbeing of your family members, especially your kids. Healthcare in this country is ranked as one of the best in the world. Emergency hospitalization and surgeries offered at public hospitals are also free of charge for everyone. So, you need not worry about high medical bills or healthcare costs.
  • Housing: Purchasing a house is a costly affair and the dream of millions of people. However, you need not worry about accommodation for your beloved kids in Italy. Recently, several towns and villages in the country have joined a nationwide movement by selling homes for €1 Though this investment has a few conditions, such as renovating the property within a few years, it is still a wise investment to make to safeguard your kids’ future.

Moving to Italy – Summing Up

Providing good education, health and housing is the prime responsibility of parents. And moving to Italy can help fulfill these responsibilities with ease.

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