75 Quick Video Tips for Winning Custody

written by Fred Campos
75 Quick Video Tips for Winning Custody https://www.DaddyGotCustody.com

[I] don’t know if you know this or not, but in addition to this blog I am trying to put together a list of quick video tips that will aid you in winning custody. Check out this list, and of course, please subscribe.

Fred aka FullCustodyDad

PS. Starting next week, I’ll get back on the band wagon and make video tips a major part of this blog.

75 Quick Video Tips for Winning Custody

001 Give Mom Time Away to Think
002 Don’t Move Out of the House
003 Kids Need their Own Room
004 You Live with Both Parents
005 Mommy and Daddy Still love You
006 The Value of Sally’s Name
007 Claim Some of the Photo Albums
008 Don’t Fight in Front of the Kids
009 No “Step” or “Half” in Blended Families
010 Decide if Custody is Worth the Fight
011 The Words “Perhaps” & “Probably So”
012 After an Exchange, Make Kids Change
013 Have Everything Your Kids Need, at Your Place
014 Don’t Be a Disneyland Dad
015 Keep Custody Notes in a Calendar
016 Create an Exhaustive List of Witnesses
017 Know Your Kids’ Stats
018 Why Should YOU Have Custody?
019 Know the Staff at Your Kids’ School

020 Practice One Word Answers

021 Use Case for Personal Expenses
022 Delay Divorce Until the Kids are Grown
023 Does Your Attorney Take Service as Payment?
024 Be Familiar with Your Courtroom
025 Live as Close to Your Ex as Possible
026 Does Your Attorney Volunteer?
027 Share with Your Attorney Everything, Even the Bad
028 Interview at Least 5 Custody Attorneys
029 Use Your Attorney’s Time Wisely
030 Seeking Custody? Take Selfies with Your Kids
031 Reassure Your Kids, Divorce is Not About Them
032 Separate Credit Cards, Remove Ex’s 25 Name
033 Find a Father’s Rights Group and Join It
034 Don’t Wait, Get an Attorney as Fast as You Can
035 10 Questions You Should Ask a Potential Custody Attorney
036 Call References on Your Custody Attorney
037 When Hiring an Attorney, Ask to See Samples of the Bill
038 Listen for Good Attorneys in Court
039 Get a School/PTA Volunteer Job
040 Have an One-on-One Activity with Your Kids
041 Why Should Your Ex NOT Have Custody
042 What Should You Call the Step-Parents?
043 In Seeking Custody, Consider Filing First
044 What’s in “the Best Interest” of Johnny
045 Update Your Will & Consider a Trust for the Kids
046 Don’t Spoil Your Kids
047 How Long is a Child Custody Case?
048 What are Temporary Orders/Hearings?

049 What is a Deposition and Its Purpose?

050 What is a Social Study in a Custody Case?
051 Only Tell Your Kids What You REALLY Plan to Do
052 What You Say Can Be Used Against You
053 Go Have Breakfast or Lunch with Sally at School
054 Join Your Kids PTA/PTO
055 Interview & Hire Your Own Process Server
056 Learn the Difference Between Plaintiff & Defendant
057 Pre-Work Out a Payment Plan with Your Attorney
058 Effective Today, Stop Using Profanity
059 Start a New Extracurricular Activity with Sally
060 You Want Primary Custody to Determine Residence & Education
061 Stay in the Same School District
062 After Interviewing Attorneys, Go Watch Them in Court
063 Ask Fathers, Friends & Family for Good Attorneys
064 What is Discovery in a Custody Case?
065 Consider a Turn Key Deal with Your Attorney
066 What is a Motion to Modify?
067 Why Your Ex Should Have Custody?
068 Do I Want Joint Custody?

069 Custody Evaluation Visit, Prepare Your Home to Show

070 Keep Your Own Records of Visits with Your Attorney
071 Learn to File a Motion
072 Open a PO Box
073 Slob Space What’s on Your Desk?
074 7 Ways to Be Involved at Your Kids’ School
075 Five Ways Parents Stay in Tune with Your Teens

Which one is your favorite? What burning question do you want to ask Full Custody Dad?

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