Top Lawyer Types You Might Need in Your Life

written by Fred Campos
Life is uncertain. In a blink of an eye, an accident can occur. Unfortunately, it causes unexpected suffering both physically and financially. There you require help from lawyers for the proper advice. For example, you can slip and suffer a fall in your office in Atlanta because of the slippery surface. The reason there was no sign of caution for wet floors. Immediately, you start to feel woozy, and an expected injury is suspected after a doctor’s examination. Therefore, you are required to consult a slip and fall lawyer. Here are the top lawyers you need to know in unexpected situations.

1. Personal Injury Lawyer

If someone had gotten injured in an accident, let’s say a car accident. In that scenario, a personal injury lawyer is whom you have to consult. The role of such attorneys is to get compensation for the negligence and injuries from the others. The compensations for it include suffering, loss of income, medical expenses, loss of earning capacity, mental anguish, loss of consortium, and loss of enjoyment of life.

2. Worker’s Compensation Lawyer

If you get hurt or have suffered injuries because of others’ carelessness in your office, you require help from the worker’s compensation lawyer. The Atlanta Slip and Fall Attorney will draft individualized and efficient strategies to control the corporations or insurance companies for their negligence when they deny settling. They will analyze your case and make the best claim despite the case.

3. Intellectual Property Lawyer

Intellectual Property or IP lawyers help the client with the intellectual property issues like trade secrets, industrial design, patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc. They advise on specific intellectual property like licenses and patent matters of Atlanta. Moreover, they examine and create essential legal documents such as trademark papers. Intellectual Property Lawyer attorneys work in different areas, such as Patent law, Copyright law, Trademark law, Licensing, Trade secret law, Unfair competition, etc.

4. Immigration Lawyer

f you are facing immigration issues, get advice from an immigration lawyer. They advise on naturalization, citizenship, green cards, visa applications, employment, and deportation issues. They are the mediators of the immigration authorities and clients. Several such attorneys handle the matters of interaction among criminal and immigration laws.

5. Criminal Lawyer

The criminal lawyer is whom you should consult in case your family member or even you have conducted a crime. They are experts in handling matters related to pleas, arrest, arraignment, bail, or other issues of the criminal trial. You can call it the body of the law that supports the clients in determining the legal choices and interpreting the law to resolve cases efficiently and quickly. They draft and file legal papers like legal appeals and briefs and consult plea sentences, settlements, and bargains.

6. Family Lawyer

If you require a prenuptial agreement, are involved in divorce proceedings or spouse battles, or are immersed in child custody, then you need a family lawyer. The attorney will advise you about the overall process and ensure the best possible. They give representation to the customers for legal cases related to family law. Family lawyers constantly schedule conferences, court appearances, and hearings. In addition to attending the court proceedings and trial, they control the legal matters between the family members.


It’s’ never late to start! Having a lawyer by your side is beneficial in unexpected issues.

They will show you the right path and ensure the best deal in the end! Know what the top lawyer types might require from this article and get yourself well-versed.



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