Tips to Prepare Your Child for the First Days of Preschool

written by Fred Campos

Starting preschool is a fun and exciting time for a child. Parents and children have to be ready for their separation, and that can be difficult. Transitioning to preschool is easier for children enrolled in school readiness programs. Literacy and math programs and creative and physical programs are part of a well-rounded program that teaches children self-help skills. A program at an early childcare centre like Endeavour Early Education that offers language, music, and sports programs helps children to be confident and ready for social situations. Here are some helpful suggestions to prepare your child for an exciting journey.

1. Plan a visit to your child’s school before the first day of school. An opportunity to visit before school starts allow your child to be familiar with the school and playground. Some preschools offer get-acquainted days for kids and parents to meet each other. Some schools may serve breakfast, have circle time, and a chance to visit with teachers and explore the classrooms.
2. Share positive experiences about school with your child. Talk about friends you made, a teacher that was special, and the exciting things you learned. You may share school photos with your child and talk about fun experiences.

3. Pretend play is an excellent way to introduce your child to the concept of school. Act out various routines like singing favorite songs, story time with some favorite books, and what happens at naptime. It can be even more fun when you play the preschooler, and your child is the teacher. Spend a lot of time reading and talking about whatever interests your child, whether it’s colors, songs, nature, or their feelings. Provide time for your child to play alone and choose activities.

4. Encourage your child to be more independent and put on their shoes and coat, and put school supplies in their backpack. Offer help if your child needs it but encourage independence.
5. Try to plan a playdate with some children that will be in your child’s class. The transition is easier on a child when they already have friends that they’ll spend their day with. A playdate is a great way for parents to get to know each other and prepare for the big day.

6. Begin a new routine bedtime and wake-up time a few weeks before school starts. Allow yourselves plenty of time so you aren’t rushing and creating a stressful situation. Choose school clothes and plan on breakfast together before the day starts. Starting your routine early gives you time to adjust and offers some leisure time.

7. Listen to your child’s concerns and talk about while starting school is different, it’s a lot of fun to make new friends. Talk about what the routine will be for both of you. Reassure your child that you’ll be there to pick them up when school ends for the day.
8. Saying goodbye is difficult. When you take your child to preschool, make your parting positive and upbeat. Tell your child you’ll see each other again very soon. You may sing a favorite song together or have another fun way to say goodbye that makes it easier.




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