Are you still decorating your children’s room to make it a fun space for their friends to hang out and for them to continue their educational development? The two biggest obstacles to decorating a child’s bedroom are time, and expense. Nowadays, there are some new products to decorate the walls of children’s rooms that will allow you to decorate for less than $100. Being a divorced Dad, and having to rebuild a life away from the family unit is no easy task. Second time lucky, some may say, but it’s hard work and takes dedication on all accounts. Luckily though, there are some helpful tips for you to create an affordable bedroom that your little ones can thrive in. 

Make Things Simple, but Affordable

Naturally, you want your child’s bedroom to look and feel good, but if you’re in a new home after a divorce, you want it to also feel like home. Wall stickers are available in a variety of cool designs, and are easy to apply. The stickers stick on themselves and can be repositioned at any time. Just press the die-cut vinyl designs onto any wall surface and you’ll have a new look in minutes. Wall stickers come in many fun designs that children from tiny tots through to adolescence worship. Characters from Disney, SpongeBob, NASCAR much more. There are also products specially designed for tiles and other spaces in the bathroom. Buying online makes finding that perfect design a breeze.

Affordable Bedroom – Furniture that will Last

Furniture pieces are what keep things in order; the drawers to tidy up, the closet for the clothing and of course their bed. Little babies need a crib that is going to be soft yet durable and this is something you need to look at before making a purchase. Look at an organic versus regular crib mattress to see if this is the best way forward. Organic mattresses will be devoid of any toxic chemicals or unwanted products that babies or toddlers may lean their faces against. There are arguments as to whether or not they affect their health. Ensuring that all the materials you use for your furniture choices are good quality will be a vital first step. Also, it is worth betting on smooth surfaces and compact furniture, in addition to the essential multipurpose furniture. A dresser or a small closet that we use as a changing table, for example that offers a 2×1 in storage solutions. Round edges will ensure the child doesn’t hurt themselves if they run into it or fall against it.

Organization will be Your Friend

Another important point with the arrival of the baby is to organize all your things. How to keep them handy and well organized? We can help ourselves with many online, and offline resources. If you want to maximize, stick with these ideas: from wicker or cane baskets that give a cool touch, to minimalist drawers and multipurpose cabinets. You can always store their clothes, diapers, hygiene products, toilet and other day-to-day supplies in the bedroom. Creating bookshelves can be a great way to encourage your child to begin reading and looking at books. The cloth bags are a booming trend: cheap, transportable, ecological and charming. Wicker baskets or other flexible materials like, we also offer all the advantages of storage simpler but trendy for small rooms. 

Affordable Bedroom – Style Can Promote Growth and Happiness

The latest trend that we have seen in baby rooms are the minimalist spaces of Nordic or Scandinavian inspiration, which you surely already know as Hygge. They can be adopted to many spaces and the best part is, all they require is blankets, coziness, space and a smile.

What affordable bedroom ideas would you add?
Contributed post. Feature image via Unsplash.