Slob Space: What’s on Your Desk?

written by Fred Campos
Slob Space, What's on Your Desk?

[W]ith three active kids who are days away from starting school, I’ve been staying up late or getting up extra early to catch up on work. While I do have an office, just two short miles from the house, I have also put together a make shift private office in my house. Private in the sense that it is a card table located in the master bathroom. Does that count?

Work Space = Slob Space: What’s on Your Desk?

None of this is normally a problem, except I am one of those geeks whose work space has turned into a slob space. I am a firm believe in filling any blank space with any nick-nacks or junk. Sadly, I continue to work in this environment until it gets so bad… “How bad Fred?”..that I can barely get my laptop to fit on any flat surface of the desk.

Well today is that day. The day I clean my home office desk. The day I vow for the millionth time, not to live in such clutter. So as I clean my desk, I thought I would play… What’s on Your Desk? Here’s what I found on mine today…

Slob Space: Piles of Books

Without a doubt I am a reader and trying to adhere to my goal of reading 50 books this year. Nevertheless, here is a short list of what is on my desk at home. (Keep in mind we’re not counting my bedside table, living room, bookshelves, work office, etc.)
“A Framework for Understanding Poverty” by Dr. Ruby K. Payne
“11/22/63” by Stephen King
“Built to Last” by James C. Collins
“The Fred Factor” by Mark Sanborn
“Step-by-Step Bookkeeping” by Robert C. Ragan, CPA
“1001 Ways to Reward Employees” by Bob Nelson
“A Millionaire’s Notebook” by Steven K. Scott

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Slob Space: Unfinished Projects

I have just good intentions of finishing little projects that never get done but live permanently on my desk.
An External Hard Drive – I am sure I took this out of my office safe to take home and backup @SuperParentMom’s and the kids’ laptops. I think it has sat here unsecured since New Year’s Day.
A Broken Remote Control Race Car – My youngest son Daniel, received a remote control race car for Christmas. It didn’t work out of the box and I was either going to fix, exchange, or send back under warranty. At this rate if I wait a little longer I can fix it and re-gift it to him this Christmas.
A Stack of Mobile Deposited Checks – How long does the credit union want us to keep these?

Fred's Slob Space at his Work Office
Fred’s Office Desk is Not Quite as Bad

Slob Space: Mail, Magazines, & Trivia Paperwork

The majority of my slob spaces is filled with junk mail, junk magazines, and junk paperwork. Basically junk.

Shifting through my desk’s paperwork, I find restaurant flyers, old mail, instructions for the kids’ board games, blank spirals, folders of work I brought home, magazines from conferences I attend more than a year ago. It’s time to grab the recycle bin!

So how do I keep my desks clean? How do I keep my space from being a slob space? What’s on your desk?

Feature Images from my desk at home and work. sigh



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