Preparing Yourself For Fatherhood

written by Fred Campos
Preparing Yourself for Fatherhood

You might be dealing with the initial shock of finding out that you are going to become a parent, or you might be someone who has been waiting for it for a long time. However you feel about it, finding out that you are going to become a father is a really defining moment in your life. It can be quite normal to have a range of feelings when this time comes, whether that being terror and worry to elation and pure joy. Even when a baby is planned it can suddenly become very, very real when you know that you officially have a little one on the way.

In many ways, it can be hard to feel completely ready to be a parent, no matter how much you have wanted to become one. However, there are still some things that you can be doing to help yourself to prepare to meet your little one. Here are some of those things that you can plan for and prepare for, to help you to be ready for the day that you will meet your baby.

Fatherhood – Start Researching

As a father, you may not be the one who is carrying the baby physically, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t be involved with the pregnancy and the whole experience of birth. Even if you are using a surrogate for the baby or you are adopting, there are still a range of ways that you can get involved right from the start. First things first, research is key. There are a range of books that are out there for expectant fathers, but of course, you can choose any books on the topic of parenting. You could think about joining an online group or sign up to a pregnancy or parenting website to get the newsletter, offering advice and tips each week.

If you have a partner who is experiencing some negative symptoms of pregnancy, such as sickness, then do your bit to be a support to them. Studies have shown that certain foods can help, from ginger to salty crackers, so you could get some in for them to try. You’re not experiencing it yourself, but you can do some small things to be able to understand what they are going through and to be as supportive as possible.

Improve Your Health

As you wait for your baby to arrive, then it is a really good time to think about your own health and what you can do to improve it. For example, if you are a smoker, then it is important to take steps to quit. When people are exposed to smoke in pregnancy it can increase risks of defects in newborns, as well as be something that can hinder your child’s health as they get older. Second-hand smoke really can cause a lot of damage.

You should also take time to think about what your eating habits are. You need to be eating well in order to have enough energy to help you with all that you will have to deal with as a new father, from late nights and early mornings. You could look at adding in some extras to your diet, like more whole foods or foods that are rich in fiber. Taking supplements could help you to get all that you need in your body too. Making sure that you are up-to-date with all of your shots and vaccinations is a good idea, such as the flu shot if your baby is arriving in the winter.


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Fatherhood – Prepare Financially

Being a father is an amazing blessing, but it can be a pretty expensive blessing! There are a lot of costs that come with a baby, and they don’t slow down as children grow and get older. So it can be a good idea to think about your finances and making sure that they are in order. If you have a lot of debt, for example, then get help and advice to get them cleared off as soon as possible. You could also think about savings for your child in an ISA account perhaps, as well as putting money aside for the future. If you can get a pension from an employer, then have you looked into it fully? 

Now that you will be a parent, if anything was to happen to you, it would be down to your partner or your child to arrange things, especially down the line. So having things in place, such as money for bronze headstones or your funeral costs, could be a big burden that would be taken off their shoulders. It might feel like preparing now for something way down the line isn’t necessary, but you never know what could happen. It is best to be prepared and save money where you can. 

Know Your Value

There will be a range of things that will happen in the life of your little one. It can be quite easy to feel disconnected in some instances, or perhaps feel a little less important than other people in their life. If you aren’t the primary caregiver then getting back to work and being away from the family more often can be hard. It is important to acknowledge that it is hard, but that it doesn’t mean that your value goes down. Being there to provide for all that your child needs in life is an amazing thing to do, and you shouldn’t feel like you have less value, simply because you’re the dad. There will be so many moments when you will have a time to shine, so know your value and worth as a parent and don’t forget it!

Being a dad means that you’re in it for the long haul. The presence that you have in their life is vital, so make sure that you communicate, play your part, and be there. Being a dad and creating life is just like a gift that keeps on giving, for both you and your family, so cherish it.

What advice would you add?

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