[I] am attending the Fellowship Church‘s annual pastor’s Creative Church Conference, better know as C3. Here are my notes from this morning. Bil Cornelius, pastor of Church Unlimited, is being interviewed by Pastor Ed Young, discussing managing people.

Bil is speaking to pastors, but the message could just as easily apply to business owners. Managing people is one of the hardest jobs you will face in your career.

Managing People: Name 3 Qualities You Look for in a Staff Member?

  • Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty

What should I fire when I return home?

  • The person you are avoiding.
  • There is always a story behind the story.
  • You gave up your reputation when Christ bought you.

How do you deal with the pressure to perform each week in the pulpit?

  • Design the inter part of your organization around your needs.
  • Plan your time off.
  • You are going to reach within 5 years of your age up and down.
  • Don’t let money or age intimate you.
  • Whatever you celebrate you get more of.
  • Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated.
  • Move with the movers in the congregation.

Managing People: Practical Ways to Motivate Your Team?

  • Be vulnerable and honest.

How do you mentor and develop leaders?

  • Jesus loved to spend time with LEADERS who were also LOST people.
  • Every Zacchaeus is short in some area.

How do you develop a creative culture?

  • Bring them to C3.
  • I trust fisherman more than preacher (over numbers). @EdYoung
  • Who are we reaching? We got saved to reach as many people as possible. @EdYoung

Managing People: How Often Should You Do Something Last Minute?

  • All the time.
  • If you have a staff member that ask “Why?” fire them quick. Look for “Why not” people. @EdYoung
  • Plan what you can, but your best ideas are fast.
  • Your staff will do anything, everything or nothing. Practice doing something last second.

How do you deal with public criticism?

  • You live your life first of all. What do your mentors think?
  • A Chihuahua always barks at the train going by.
  • The devil knows he can not steal your gifts, so he goes for your encouragement. Protect your encouragement.

My Takeaway from Bil’s Managing People

Managing people takes guts and leadership. It’s hard work. It requires you to find the right team, even if it means letting some go. Be vulnerable, spontaneous, ignore the public criticism, and mentors those around you. But LEAD, otherwise you’ll never fully accomplish your goal and reach as many people as possible.

What tip do you have about managing people? What is the difficult obstacle you have encountered managing people?

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