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Who Needs Camping to Bond? Marshmallows in a Fireplace

As a parent, there is that special moment in your kids’ life when you are out sleeping under the stars. Maybe in a tent, your family put together. Around a fire that you built. Roasting those gooey marshmallows on a stick you found hiking in the woods. Camping provides a bonding experiencing that only nature in all her cricket…

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Computer Coding Starts in Kindergarten

As a geek and coder you would expect me to endorse the greatest job and highest paying career on the planet, computer programming. But let’s put down the smart phones and Subway sandwiches for a moment and talk about a very serious problem. There is a growing lack of software developers in this country, and we are not embracing it well in schools.

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Seven Tips to Not Die as You Black Friday Shop

My completed bucket list of life’s greatest moments contains such jewels as: biking down the volcano tour of Haleakala in Maui, to walking Jesus’ footsteps on the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem. But truth be known, not even the birth of my third child Daniel, compares to Black Friday shopping.

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My Kids Aren’t Addicted to Technology Crack

I use to have an iPhone5. No I didn’t lose it, nor was it taken by security at the airport. It was lost to my technology crack obsessed four year old. My Mandrian Youtube watching, Mindcraft playing, Clay Jam and Candy Mania scoring children cannot seem to function in life without some form of screen time.

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