How to Have a Healthy Financial Life as a Single Dad

written by Fred Campos
Healthy Financial Life by
If you are a single dad, then your financial burden is likely to be bigger than that of a parent who is part of a couple. However, that does not mean you cannot have a healthy financial life that enables you to take care of your kids and build a stronger future for you all. Below, you will find some top tips to help you achieve a healthy financial life as a single dad. Put as many of them into action as you can and you will not struggle so much with money, and your family will be more financially secure going forward.

Health Financial Life – Choose a beneficiary

As soon as you get divorced, you should look into assigning a beneficiary to your bank accounts and retirement funds in the event that you should pass away. Remove your ex-partner or anyone who may not have your children’s best interests at heart, and ensure that your kids, or someone acting for them, are your beneficiaries and you will have greater peace of mind that they will be looked after if anything does happen to you.

Insure as Much as You Can

As a single dad, money might be tight, so you may be tempted to do away with various insurance policies such as pet insurance and Cars Protection Plus, but this is a false economy. When you have insurance for any vets bills or car breakdown expenses, as well as life insurance and health insurance for you and your family, you never have to worry about where you will find the money if things go wrong, and you will almost certainly save more money in the long-term too.

Healthy Financial Life – Have a Budget

Once you have the big things sorted, it’s timeout look at your family budget. If you do not have a budget, then drawing one up is one of the best things you can do. It will show you more clearly how much money you bring in and how much you pay out each month, so you can trim any excess and make better decisions for the whole family that will allow you to save more for your children’s future and for your own.

Make Savings a Priority

When you have kids, making saving money a priority is the best use of your money in the long term. If you can save enough to put them through college or help them get o the property ladder, they will be at a distinct advantage as they get older and go off into the world. And you will not have to worry so much about them, although as a dedicated dad, that means you might still worry quite a lot!


Investing in your own future, via stocks and sarees or a good retirement plan is also important because the more secure you are, the more secure your kids will be too. As you can see, it really is possible to have a healthy financial life as a single dad if you make it a priority, so what are you waiting for?



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