How To Deal With False Abuse Charges During A Custody Battle

written by Fred Campos

Child custody is one of the most critical matters of divorce settlements. Things can get ugly and hostile between partners battling to retain the custody of their children. The experience is even more painful for kids, but parents often play dirty when it comes to their ego and stubbornness. False abuse allegations are a common factor in such cases, as one parent accuses the other to gain leverage in court.

The allegation works as a tactic to alienate kids from the targeted parent. If you face such charges, there are good chances of losing the custody battle unless you prove your innocence. However, it can be a lot of work as you struggle with stress and handle the legal aspects of divorce, custody, and defense against false allegations. Here is some valuable advice for dealing with false abuse charges in such circumstances.

Avoid an emotional outburst

Facing false allegations in family court can be overwhelming, and it is easy to lose control. But an angry outburst can make things only worse. You may end up risking your custody case and even losing parenting time with your children. Your ex-spouse wants you to react this way to weaken your case and strengthen theirs. Commit to avoiding outward display of emotion, no matter how bad the situation is. A calm and collected approach keeps you on the right side of the law. It also gives you a chance to think clearly and build a viable defense against the charges.

Understand the consequences

Besides maintaining a calm stance, you must understand the consequences of false allegations. When a partner accuses you of abuse, you can land into deep trouble. Most times, men fall prey to false charges and end up being forced out of their homes. The court may also prevent you from getting in touch with your children. The court has all good intentions to keep kids safe from aggressive parents, but the situation is painful for innocent ones. Statistics indicate that a significant number of domestic violence and abuse allegations during child custody cases are fabricated. It is crucial to be aware of the risk and plan beforehand to cover yourself against them.

Build a viable legal defense

Although dealing with an abuse allegation can be stressful when already fighting for custody, you cannot leave things to chance. Only you know that you are innocent, but you cannot expect the court to take your word. A viable legal defense is the only way to save your credibility as a parent and stay in the race for custody. Experts recommend getting a seasoned sex crimes attorney on board to create an actionable defense plan. Steer clear of making police statements or confronting your spouse in the first place. Seek guidance from your lawyer to handle the questioning wisely. Also, be honest with your custody lawyer to work as a team.

Gather as much evidence as possible

The only way to clear your name in the abuse case is by proving your innocence with valid evidence. You must do your bit by gathering as much evidence as possible. Collect pictures, statements, messages, and phone records to negate the false claims. You can also bring witnesses such as friends, neighbors, and community members to establish your credibility as a parent. Every piece of evidence matters, so make sure that you miss out on nothing. After all, coming out clean does more than saving your parental reputation. It also keeps your custody case strong. You have better chances of winning it by providing the vindictive motives of your ex-partner.

Invest in self-care

False allegations are inherently stressful, and they get even more traumatic amid an ongoing custody battle. The thought of losing custody rights of your kids can cause immense anxiety, and even affect your mental well-being. Self-care is essential to maintain your sanity in such challenging circumstances. Talk to a friend or family member you can trust, and vent your feelings. Your lawyer can be a part of your support system. Consider seeing a therapist if the emotions are too hard to handle. Abuse allegations can affect your reputation at work and lead to social stigma. You can seek community support by clearing your side of the picture.

Dealing with false abuse allegations amid a custody battle is not easy. You must find a way to prove your innocence because the charges can affect the outcome of your custody case. The process can be long and arduous, but you cannot undermine its significance. Find a legal expert to build your defense, establish your innocence, and save your relationship with your kids.



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