[N]o matter how much you love you kids, and thrilled to get them full-time, remember they are part of your world, not your entire world.

You need some time to yourself, develop and maintain relationships with others.

Last time, we listed five ways in which Dads can, with little effort achieve these goals, this time we’ll list five more for good custodial parenting.

6. Hide in Plain Sight.

If weather and accommodations allow, set up a temporary outdoor office where you can spend some time getting some work done. That space can also double as a place of solace, where you can go for a few minutes and map your day, meditate, or just enjoy your surroundings.

7. Get in Some Mini-Assignments When Kids are Occupied.

Let them work puzzles, bathe, or even do homework alone, while you take advantage of this time for whatever you need to do. Think about how a 20-30 minute nap could really make a difference in your demeanor and outlook.

8. Plan Parent Play Dates.

Kids tend to get along with the children of their parents’ friends. Use these relationships to your advantage. While you catch up and engage in adult conversation, the kids can all play in the park or playground.

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9. Indoor Play Dates.

You can take this plan one step farther by ‘setting them loose’ in an indoor facility, where they can play in a controlled environment, so you don’t have to constantly watch them.

10. Spend Your Lunch Hour Wisely.

This can be productive time. Take a walk, go to the gym, spend a few minutes reading that book you’ve been putting off. The specific activity doesn’t really matter, just make sure you use the time to reconnect to your world.

Most of these suggestions only takes a little bit of planning to implement. And nothing requires a lot of time. But the impact on your life, and that of the relationship with your children, could be life-changing.

What changed after you won custody? What tips do you have as a single parent?

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