Getting Your Kids Outside With Old-Fashioned Fun

written by Fred Campos
Getting Your Kids Outside

Making your home child-friendly and a place your kid will love is really only half the battle. After all, no child wants to stay cooped up inside all day. So, coming up with fun outdoor activities is always a plus.  Getting your kids outside is a must. Encouraging your child to use their imagination when they play outside is one of the best things you can do. A simple walk around the neighborhood can turn into an adventure if you’re willing to unleash your own childlike sense of wonder.  But, if you find yourself running out of fun outdoor activities, why not take a step back in time?  Kids today spend so much time with technology at their fingertips, they may not be aware of some of the popular toys and games of “yesterday”. With that in mind, let’s cover a few fun ideas that might have been outdoor staples from your childhood. By introducing them to your kids, you can bring a whole new world of fun to their outdoor play. 

Getting Your Kids Outside – Get Funky With a Hula-Hoop

Hula-hooping has never gone out of style. There are actually competitions across the world to see who can hula the longest, and with multiple hoops! But, as a simple outdoor activity for kids, this is one that always gets a laugh. Plus, it’s a great way to get your kids moving and keep them active (it’s good for you, too!).  You may have to give your kid some pointers and instructions to get started. But, once they master the movements, they can hula hoop for hours.

Take a Ride on Rollerblades

Rollerskating and blading have both been popular for decades. But, it seems like many kids don’t hit the streets on their blades the way they may have in the 80s and 90s. What kid doesn’t want to feel like they’re flying?  By making a small investment in the right safety gear and by looking at the best rollerskates for beginners at places like Roller Skate Dad, you and your child can skate together – a nice change of pace from a traditional evening walk!

Getting Your Kids Outside – Go Fly a Kite

No, that’s not an insult. If you have a particularly windy day on your hands, getting a kite and taking it to a local park or the beach is a great way to spend an afternoon! You can show your child how to get it up in the air, have fun running around and trying to make it fly, and showing them how to keep it in the air once it finally gets up there. There is something about flying a kite that never gets old and never loses its magic. Your child will feel like they’re in control of something really special, and you’ll love seeing them light up over something so simple and innocent. The toys and games of the past can still be relevant today. In fact, they can offer a nice break from toys and tech that make too much noise and suck your child in for hours. Don’t be afraid to get creative, think outside the box, and consider some of the things you used to enjoy as a kid. Chances are, your child might enjoy them just as much!
What additional outside activities do you like? What other advice do you have for getting your kids outside?
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