From Court to Meetings, Dressing for an Important Occasion

written by Fred Campos

Men’s clothing is becoming a lot sleeker and a lot more stylish. Over the past few months or so, the art of layering has really taken off. If you know how to layer your clothes without looking like you are taking a trip to the North Pole, then you are already on to a winner. 

Of course, the last piece of clothing to finish off any outfit is usually a coat or jacket, and so it is essential that yours is a standout piece if you want your ensemble to be on point. Men’s tweed jackets have recently resurfaced as a must-have trend, and they, therefore, provide the perfect option when it comes to taking your outfit to the next level. When you want to impress, whether you’re heading to court with your divorce lawyer or you’ve got an important meeting, wearing a tweed jacket is a good idea. 

From Court to Meetings

Despite their resurgence as a top trend, you won’t see tons of men wearing tweed jackets. This is because many people find them a hard look to pull off; however, that is simply not the case. All you need is a bit of confidence and you are good to go! Anyways, who wants to be seen in the same jacket as a handful of other people on the high street anyway?

Another thing that is great about tweed is that it adds an element of sophistication and sleek style to any outfit you are wearing. It alludes to the ‘perfect gentleman’. If you want to give off an air of confidence and intelligence (and let’s face it – who wouldn’t) then this is the material to go for. No other fabric can give off such a feeling of classiness without blurring the lines between being old-fashioned.

Don’t Forget the Jacket

However, men’s tweed jackets are not only used if you want to go for a sleek and sophisticated look. They can be adapted to create an urban and cultured vibe. It is very much in style at the moment to play on different cultures, and the history of tweed plays very much to the traditional British look, which is at the height of fashion.

The variations of styles and looks which can be created with tweed should give an indication of how the trend has moved on. It was once considered a very rigid and niche look, only associated with the suited and booted. However, it can now be adapted to any fashion you feel like rocking. The possibilities are limitless.

So, if you want to make an impression and stand out this coming season, make sure you invest in a tweed jacket! A tweed jacket can add an ultimate air of sophistication to your look. If you have an important meeting or you’re looking to impress a client, finishing off your outfit with a tweed jacket can do exactly that. All you need is a white shirt and some formal trousers and you have the perfect sophisticated look that will impress anyone.

What additional dress advice would you give?

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