Does Your Daughter Have Dad Hair? Book Review

written by Fred Campos
"Does Your Daughter Have Dad Hair?" Book Review by Daddy Got Custody

Dad Hair Book Review by https://www.daddygotcustody.comAs a custodial father of my then four now ten year old daughter, I frequently get asked, “Why do you have full or primary custody?”  My standard and honest answer is, “Because I am the better parent in almost ever area of our daughter’s life.”  From which I usually get asked a second question, “What area of your parenting does your Ex do better than you?”  I always say, “She can style her hair slightly better than me, but I am working on it.”

Well folks that answer for me is about to change!  Dads, grandpas, uncles, and step-dads, I have stumbled upon a fantastic book called, “Does Your Daughter Have Dad Hair?” by Craig A. Lawrey.  This 42 page, full color, extremely funny book, walks fathers through their daughter’s basic hair accessories, five hair styling tips, and five step-by-step hair styles.  It’s written by a dad for a dad in dad’s language complete with pictures and, and, umm… duct tape.

This is a perfect gift for any dad and I highly recommend it!  I begged and begged Craig to sell me a few precious copies from his first pre-sample printing order.  Dads, I got my hands on a few copies.  So here is the deal, the book will retail at $12.95 plus tax and plus shipping next year.  As of 11/25/2009 I have a VERY few left in stock.  Until I sell out, I am taking pre-public sale orders for the book,  at $9.95.  I offer a 100% money back guarantee and you can return the book for any reason no questions asked.  I’ll even refund the shipping.  This book make a GREAT Christmas gifts! UPDATE: Sold out almost as fast as I got my hands on them. At this moment I don’t have any more.

Craig Lawrey is a Navy Distinguished Marksman, an accomplished ocean going Sailor, and a not-so accomplished Equestrian.  He has been an Army Infantryman, Postman, Navy Reservist, and an Environmental Consultant.  The hardest and most inspiring job he has ever had (his words), is being a Stay-At-Home Dad.  He resides in Southern California with his wife, two children, and the plethora of animals his kids call pets.

After selling more than 1000 copies, the book is officially retired. In 2013, I called Craig and him informed me the book is officially out-of-print.

Do you know how to style your daughter’s hair? What unique skill or function do you and you alone do with your kids?

Fred Campos is father to three and primary custodian to his daughter Caitlyn from a previous relationship. Like this post? Make sure you subscribe to his blog, book him to teach or speak.



  1. Steve

    I so need this book so I just ordered it. I’m getting better at fixing my daughter’s hair but she hates having it brushed and it’s the only thing I’m not good at with my kids. She has long blonde hair and it always looks like she just woke up.

  2. Carla Way

    i have been trying to buy “Does your Daughter have Dad hair, but i can’t find it for sale anywhere.

  3. Craig

    I know/think Fred Campos has some copies left, but if you can’t get them from him, the books website(secured with PayPal) is It can also be found at Amazon now. Good luck everyone! : )

  4. Joe Munson

    Am I still able to get this book?

    • FullCustodyDad

      Joe, unfortunately, the author self-published, sold 1000 copies and then hasn’t done anymore prints. So no, no more copies.



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