DGC 011 – 06/24/2018 Winning, Losing, & Modifying Custody After the Final

written by Fred Campos
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[F]red Campos, @FullCustodyDad, discusses winning and losing custody, contempts, modification and the reality of gaining custody after the final. In this episode Fred is going to recommend six elements your attorney needs to do when you win custody, four elements that need to be done if you lose custody, an open discussion about contempts and enforcement, and finally a detailed and story discussion about custody after the final.

What to Do if You Win Full Custody

  1. Have your attorney prepare the final order.
  2. Ask for child support anyway.
  3. If contested, consider an external drop-off/pickup location.
  4. Make sure you understand EVERYTHING clearly.
  5. Make it clear who is allowed for pickup and drop off.
  6. Consider using a tracable communication app/program.

The Art of Losing, What Now?

  1. Have your attorney prepare the final order.
  2. Ask for Extended Standard visitation.
  3. While in court, ask for more time (extra day, weekend, time in summer).
  4. Plan far ahead, years ahead ask for extended summer (reunion trip, Disney, Cruise).

Can Custody Really Change Custody After the Final? – It’s Not Common

  1. The current situation would endanger the child’s physical or emotional health.
  2. The custodial parent (the one with custody) seeks to modify the change (and it’s in the best interest of the child).
  3. The custodial parent has failed to take care of the child for at least six months without valid reason like (military duty).

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