How To Improve Your Case for Custody After a Divorce

written by Fred Campos
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Divorce can be amicable, but more often than not, it can turn ugly. Though you should never put your children in the boxing ring with you, in some cases it is necessary to fight for primary or sole custody. If your spouse has an addiction, is notoriously poor with money and in huge debt, is abusive, or otherwise mentally unwell, then your children deserve a more stable, happy home.

As a father, it can be difficult to win custody, as the courts automatically favor the mother. To win, you are going to need to be a model parent, and to follow this guide for custody after a divorce:

Custody After a Divorce – Clean Up Your Home

Get rid of clutter in your home and pay to have it deep cleaned from head to toe. You might want to redo the floors or repaint the walls so that it looks as clean and healthy as it is. This is particularly important if there are stains on the walls, or if the carpet is old and wearing down. The more healthy the environment is, the more likely the courts will favor your living conditions for your children.

Create a Financial Guide

Save up as much as you can and then work with a financial advisor so that you can better allocate funds so that you can save for their education, pay for after-school activities, and more. Having money is only second to being smart with that money.

Custody After a Divorce – Learn to Cook Healthy Meals

The stereotype is that mothers are better at household activities like cleaning, homemaking, and cooking. If you are not personally that great at cooking, see about taking a cooking class and buying a few healthy recipe books. This way, you can show your ability to keep your children healthy and happy in more than a financial sense.

Improve Your Background

We are all young once and have likely made stupid mistakes that we have well grown out of. This usually isn’t a problem, unless, of course, that mistake got your arrested. Perhaps you broke into your high school and were caught and charged with trespassing, or some other small charge that you have personally long moved on from.

It won’t matter until you try to fight for custody of your kids. That is why it is crucial to get all your ducks in a row beforehand, and that includes hiring an expungement lawyer like those from ExpungeAmerica. For an average of $500 and a money-back guarantee, if it doesn’t work, they will fight to get your guilty or no contest plea changed to a dismissal.

Build a Case Against Your Spouse

In most healthy divorce cases, there will be split custody, but if you don’t believe in your partner’s ability to care for your children, then you need to fight for either sole custody or primary custody. This means, unfortunately, that you will need to work with your lawyer to build a case against them.

If it is for the sake of your children’s health and safety, then this must be done. As a father, you automatically have the odds stacked against you, but work on becoming a model parent, and build your case fairly and without prejudice so that you improve your chances of taking primary custody of your children.

Click for Your Orlando Divorce Lawyer, Sean Smallwood

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  1. rachel frampton

    My sister would like to hire a family lawyer that will be able to help her win the custody case. We share the same point of view that he must show the court that she can provide for her daughter. I also agree with you that she must improve her background, especially she encountered a lot of mistakes back in high school and college.

    • FullCustodyDad

      good for you in helping your sister. Let me know how I can help or offer suggestions. Have your sister show progress and improvements if she has elements in her past that are hindering her. eMail me direct if you need anything.

      Tell your sister, keep improving, keep working on being the best parent you can be!



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