Saving Money On The Cost of Divorce: The Basics

written by Fred Campos
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[T]here’s no getting around it – divorce will cost money. But how much money you spend on the proceeding is, ultimately, down to you. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can save.

Ask yourself the Big Question

First and foremost, don’t dive into divorce proceedings unless it is absolutely necessary. Whether you are saving money or not, the reality is that separation and divorce are going to be expensive, both in financial and, possibly, emotional terms.

Try Mediation

If you are unsure of whether or not you want to divorce, never take the plunge straight away. Try mediation services instead, which cost far less than an official divorce and also takes away much of the risks of going through litigation. Working with a mediator will help you and your partner figure out what’s best, and can be an impressive way of saving you a considerable amount of money.

Cost of Divorce – Take the DIY Route

DIY divorces are becoming ever more popular, however, they should only be undertaken by those couples that are clear about what they want, and are not disputing things like custody or assets. That said, even if you do decide this route is best, it’s always a good idea to hire an attorney to check your legal forms, just for that extra layer of legal security.

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Have Realistic Goals

What is it that you hope to achieve in the divorce? It’s vital to create a list of these things and share the information with your attorney. Any attorney worth their salt will be able to assist you in deciding what you can get from a settlement. However, be careful not to fall for false promises. A law firm that offers the world is likely to to be saying what they think you want to hear – and the cost attached to fighting for things you won’t get can be enormous.

Cost of Divorce – Get a Written Agreement

While talking to your attorney about divorce information, always get a written agreement in place with regards to fees and expenses. Most disputes between clients and their attorneys are down to costs so this written agreement will help you understand how – and why – you are being charged. Ask plenty of questions beforehand, and you will experience fewer problems and misunderstandings.

Work With an Associate

A lot of people prefer to work with a partner of a law firm when they are going through a divorce. However, unless there are incredibly complicated reasons for doing so, it will work out a lot cheaper to work with an associate instead. The reality is that associate hourly charges tend to be less than a partner’s, and the work involved in putting any case together is fairly routine.

Be Ready

Finally, the more you ask your attorney to work, the higher price you will pay – it’s that simple. You can save a small fortune by being organized, ready, and do as much work as possible yourself. For example, when it comes to producing your statement of worth, make sure it is watertight and accurate, or you will end up having to buy more of your attorney’s time.

What tips would you add in saving money on the cost of divorce?

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  1. Chase

    Great point bringing up costs with your attorney in the beginning. It’s never fun to talk about, but having a written agreement will make planning so much easier. It’s just one less thing to worry about.


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