Decision Time: Big Choices You’ll Make As A Parent

written by Fred Campos
Decision Time: Big Choices You’ll Make As A Parent

[A]s a parent, you’ll to have to make lots of big choices for your child, and they’re worth thinking about now. Here are some of the biggest choices that could affect your child for years to come and how you can make the best decision.

Choices You’ll Make As a Parent: Vaccines

Most parents choose to get their children vaccinated against diseases, whilst a very few are strongly against vaccines. Doctors, midwives, and school districts generally advise that you do get your children vaccinated. If you have concerns, do your research before you make your decision.

Body Modifications

There may be body modifications that you want to get out of tradition, due to health concerns or due to religious reasons. Circumcision is one example of this as available at clinics such as Gentle Procedure Clinic – if you are uncertain as to whether to get your son circumcised, it could be worth doing your research online first. Many parents also choose to get their child’s ears pierced early – there’s no legal age restriction, but some parents may prefer to let their children make the decision for themselves when they’re older.

Choices You’ll Make As a Parent: Diet

You’ll need to decide what your child is allowed to eat and drink. Some parents put restrictions on sugary drinks whilst others may be vegetarian and may want to pass on this lifestyle onto their kids. In certain cases, you may be restricted to certain products such as vegan baby food – this is something worth researching into as you may have to shop for select brands such as Pure Spoon.


If you’re religious, you may want your child to follow the same faith as you. In some faiths, this could involve an official ceremony such as a baptism, whilst other faiths may not require an initiation ceremony. Alternatively, you may have been baptized yourself, but may not want your child to be baptized too if you’re not particularly religious.

Choices You’ll Make As a Parent: Discipline

How you discipline your child is an important consideration to make. Will you have strict rules and will there be a strict bedtime? When will you start introducing discipline? Ideally, you’ll want to adopt methods and stick to them – changing your approach later will be difficult to implement when a child is used to getting away with certain behaviors.


As your child gets older, you’ll also need to think about education. Most parents are happy to send their children to a public school (myself included), while others may prefer to invest in a private education. There are then parents who may prefer to explore homeschooling options. Each route requires its own planning such as looking for the right school or getting your home set up for homeschooling – this is something you should think about early.

In short, parenting is filled with choices. Congratulations on being a parent, but remember big choices are still ahead.

What additional advise would you add?

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