Child Injury Claims: 4 Insights Form A Personal Injury Lawyer

written by Fred Campos
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Child injuries have a variety of causes. Children, however, are particularly vulnerable to accidents when adults are careless. And, if an adult causes a child harm, they should face legal consequences.

When children are hurt in an accident, their families may file a claim for damages with the help of a lawyer from Yegendorf Law Firm or any reputable attorney in your locality. But, it’s important to note that claims for children’s injuries are handled differently than those sustained by adults. In any situation, a parent’s top priority is always the safety and health of their child, which might come before the need or desire to take legal action through a child injury lawyer. However, read more here and contact a professional and experienced child injury lawyer to discuss your options and file a lawsuit to claim fair compensation.

Child Injury Claims – Types Of Personal Injury Claims Commonly Filed On Behalf Of Children

Injuries among children occur frequently. They’re the result of circumstances beyond their control. As the child’s parent or legal guardian, you can file a claim for personal injury compensation on their behalf if they’re hurt in an accident or because of someone else’s carelessness.

Here’s a list of common injuries that happen to children and the things you need to do when you encounter them:

  • Unfortunate Accident At School Or A Childcare Facility

If a child suffers from an injury at school or daycare, the next step is to tell the staff about it after getting medical help. Depending on whether or not the damage was caused by staff negligence, you may also need to gather the following:

  • Pictures of the kid’s wounds
  • Identifying information about on-duty personnel
  • Any potential eyewitnesses to the incident

In addition, you also need to document the accident using photographs, as well as obtain any available CCTV footage. Also, remember to keep all accident-related bills and receipts.

  • Injuries Caused By Toys

A child getting hurt while playing with a broken or otherwise dangerous toy is a common reason for a lawsuit. In some circumstances, a defective toy may cause choking or physical injury to the child. In such instances, obtaining medical attention should be the number one priority. Following that, you should note the circumstances of the injury and the details of the toy’s flaw. Keep the toy’s packaging and its instructions for use. Also, make sure to keep its receipt and note the store where it’s purchased. Once you’ve gathered all of these, contact a child injury lawyer to discuss the next steps.

Child Injury Claims – Playground Accident

Playground and other public amenity accidents can happen in a variety of ways:

  • The property owner didn’t protect customers and young children as well as they should have, and, in this way, they broke their duty of care.
  • A kid got hurt because of something an employee did or didn’t do.
  • A child was injured because of the precarious state of the playground equipment.
  • The restaurant’s handling of the children’s food didn’t meet the sanitary standards.

These could be acceptable grounds for filing a child injury claim.

  • Child-Related Incidents In Public Areas

Many things can go wrong in a public space, leading to an accident. Such incidents include:

  • Slipping, tripping, or falling on unkempt sidewalks, stairs, etc.
  • Slipping on a damp floor in a public location, like a grocery store
  • Accidents due to falling objects, owing to low-quality fittings

Such incidents entitle you, as the parent or guardian, to file a personal injury claim

Child Injury

Seeking Financial Compensation For Child Injury

When a kid suffers from a serious injury, their parents often have no choice but to shell out a significant amount of money or acquire a substantial amount of debt to cover the expensive medical care their child requires. That said, depending on the circumstances, a negligent defendant may be obligated to pay for these costs and offer compensation for any future medical care the wounded child may need.

When filing a negligence or injury claim on behalf of a minor, the plaintiff has the burden of proving that the defendant owed the child a duty of care and breached that obligation by engaging in careless or reckless conduct.

Child Injury Claims – Wrapping It Up

Accidents involving automobiles, trucks, boats, dogs, and even medical malpractice can cause serious harm to children. Ultimately, it’s up to the plaintiff to prove that the defendant was careless and that it caused the victim’s injuries. When a child is hurt, the child’s parent often serves as the guardian ad litem for the case.

An injured child may be eligible for financial compensation if their guardian or parent can prove negligence. They can often seek monetary damages for their anguish. There’s also a chance that they’ll file for additional damages to cover the cost of their child’s medical care.

A child’s death can be the most unfortunate result of another person’s carelessness or recklessness. In such a situation, their parent or guardian might file a wrongful death lawsuit to get compensation for the pain of losing their child.

Always remember that the most important thing you need to do after getting medical attention for your child is to contact a child injury lawyer to assist you with the next steps.

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