Be Certain You Want to Divorce

written by Fred Campos
Be Certain You Want a Divorce

[A]fter months of fighting, arguing and living an unfulfilling and frustrated life, Dave (not his real name), finally determined his marriage was over. A teacher, he sat in the lounge wondering how he could get out of his unhappy situation. His only way out would force him to dip into his already strained resources.

Then, he got some unexpected news. He received notice that he had substantial money in a forgotten account in another county.

He said, “I called the principal and said, ‘get me sub for me the rest of the day,’ and I got in my car and drove.’”

The extra provided the extra funds he needed to start divorce proceedings.

You Want to Divorce – Is It Worth It?

“But,” said a friend, “you knew it was over months earlier and look at all the time you wasted when you could have gotten on with your life.” “True,” said Dave, “but that was the first day I knew it was over. There was no more hoping, or wishing, or fooling myself. That was the day I determined I couldn’t take it anymore. The timing was perfect.”

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Today, Dave is happily married for 16 years.

The attitude at DGC is to save your marriage if at all possible. It’s usually better for the kids, your family, happiness and bank account. After the terrorist attack on 9/11, stories abounded that couples who were contemplating divorce determined to try and work them out.

However, for people like Dave, this wasn’t an option. And today, he would tell you it was a great move.

How do you decide if divorce is worth the risk?

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