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written by Fred Campos
AuCuTee White Noise Machine Product Review -

[I]f you have been following me for quite sometime, or tuned in to my Father/Son Trip this past summer, you will know one of the values I believe heavily in is getting good sleep. Whether it is for your kids or for yourself, I am a big believer in a sound sleep and using whatever means needed. If you or your kids are not sleeping soundly, consider an AuCuTee sleep machine as a possible solution. Here is my AuCuTee White Noise Machine product review. I’ve included a video, a giveaway and a discount code.

About the AuCuTee White Noise Machine

Whether you are chasing your little one around the house or trying to get teens to do their homework, who has time to compare and shop? Thankfully this product can easily be delivered by Amazon. It arrives in a super packaged box the very next day from Amazon that when unboxed looks like this:

AuCuTee White Noise MachineManufacturing website:

  • Classic white noise sound machine, it’s designed to help mask unwanted, uncontrollable, disturbing noises that interfere with your ability to sleep, relax, or concentrate.
  • Featuring with a real fan to generate natural and constant airflow soothing sound, playing mode also can be set 30 or 60 minutes automatic turn-off timer if needed.
  • Dual built-in USB charging ports with DC 5V/1A, it can be connected to charge your phones/tablets or other devices at night.
  • Easy to use, fan-based sound conditioner with two fan speed modes for choice, just flip the switch to high or low, customize the volume and tone to find a soothing white noise for you and your baby, then enjoy it.
  • It’s not just for sleep, also be used widely and definitely perfect for baby nurseries, offices, or any other environment that’s in need of some privacy and quiet.


My Personal Review of the AuCuTee White Noise Machine

Being someone who snores and keeps my wife awake some night, the first place to try this device was in our bedroom on my nightstand. Two features that caught my attention immediately: 1) I like the additional USB port for charging my phone, 2) a timer mode if you wanted to go to sleep with the device but didn’t want it to run all night. Here’s my video with more details…

Two weeks later, I crate training a new puppy. This was a PERFECT solution to put Daisy to sleep. It also provides enough distracting noise that we were able to go through the room without waking the puppy. Second, when dealing with kids who very much need to disconnect from their technology, it replaced digital white noise apps often found on a smartphone. Now my teenager is not tempted to look at his phone and we can charge it elsewhere. Definitely a parenting plus!

AuCuTee White Noise Machine

In closing, I want to give two additional incentives to purchase this product. Here is a 20% discount code 20PAB3ST using this Amazon link: And between now and 6p Labor Day (September 3rd, 2018), if you will go and like AuCuTee on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and then COMMENT back and tell me about it on this post (or the YouTube one). You will be entered into a drawing for a free sound machine held on September 3rd at 6:01p. Good luck!



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