6 Online Jobs for Enthusiastic Stay-at-Home Dads

written by Fred Campos
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A decree is not a hindrance to earnings. And quarantine is a chance for parents on maternity leave to find work without leaving their kids. Offices are increasingly being reconfigured to offer remote work opportunities, and new specialties are entering the labor market that can be a great jump-start for a successful career. So, today we’ll talk about profitable professions for stay-at-home dads.

Job search warm-up

Before you start looking for a new job, we suggest you decide what you can do and how much time you are willing to devote to work. Your future job may be related to your main profession, hobby, or other skills that you have not yet disclosed. If it’s hard to single out your strengths on your own, ask your friends or relatives to name a few key skills that are typical for you.

Take time management seriously – in addition to directly working and caring for a child, you should have time for yourself and for rest. And also, keep in mind that at different periods of growing up, the baby may require a different scope of your attention.

And now let’s talk about how to gain profits as a stay-at-home dad, improve your life and make you a truly happy dad. We have chosen the most convenient options. They don’t require extra investments or special gear. As a rule, to work remotely on a flexible schedule, you only need a phone or computer and a stable Internet connection.

Best online jobs suitable for stay-at-home dads

#1. Copywriter
A suitable job for creative dads. There are many options here: you can write articles for magazines, advertising texts, fill landing pages or prepare content for bloggers, etc. The amount of remuneration depends on the quantity and quality of materials.

You can find clients on social media. Another way is to place an ad and sample texts on exchanges and become a freelance writer, but in this case, the cost of work may be quite low, so choose only reliable ordering customers.

#2. Content management

This is another convenient profession on maternity leave. The duties of a content manager include filling customer websites: displaying goods in online stores, writing company news, sometimes interviews, articles, and other materials, maintaining groups on social media.

It is important for a professional to find a common language with the staff of the company. In addition to the ability to express thoughts and communication skills, basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, search engine optimization, traffic statistics systems, and photo editors is required.

#3. Online coach

Surely there is an area in which you excel others: cooking, drawing, writing, psychology, technology. You can study this niche in detail and develop a training program on the Internet. Doing what you love for the benefit of others – why not a perfect job for stay-at-home dads?

You can conduct online broadcasts, sell consultations or training courses, conduct meetings on the web. To monetize this occupation, you will have to master the skills of public speaking, ways to attract an audience, study the technical nuances – this can also be done online.

#4. Social media administration

A public page administrator is a great job for dads on maternity leave. In most cases, only a phone and a few hours of free time will be enough. Many companies sell their services or products on social media groups. But the owners themselves rarely have the opportunity to respond to each client or comment in time.

The salary of an administrator depends on the time spent or on the amount of work performed. Usually, it is enough to keep 2-3 publics to have a stable monthly income.

#5. Blogger

Another fairly easy, fast, and creative way to make money is blogging. As a rule, stay-at-home dads have an irregular work schedule: you can work early in the morning, during a child’s lunchtime nap, or while walking on the playground. And this is an awesome opportunity to run your personal blog anywhere.

Here it is important to decide on the topic: parenting, lifestyle, or professional activity. You need to blog on a topic that excites, arouses interest, and inspires you to develop, explore and invest in it. You will also need to master content-making tools – user-friendly video editors, photo editors, best slideshow makers, as well as understand how platforms and ad settings work.

Moreover, you need to choose a platform where your target audience lives and where you will be comfortable working. Bloggers usually monetize either through advertising or by selling their own products, such as services, tutorials, guides, books, courses, or merchandise.

#6. Graphic designer

A graphic design specialist develops fonts, magazine page layouts, advertising blocks, draws pictures, pictograms, logos, and window dressing. A rather creative profession, the designer requires a deep understanding of the specifics of the business and creating a compelling visual communication of the company with the target audience using graphics, images, and words.

To master the skills, you will need knowledge of graphic programs: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Corel Draw. As well as programs for layout, animation and 3D modeling. Still, there are many tutorials on the web.

Final words

In fact, there are still a lot of suitable professions for a stay-at-home dad. Almost all the jobs that can make your life easier are online today, so you will definitely not be left without a job.

Listen to yourself, what you would like to do, and try to introduce learning into your daily schedule little by little. If the classes will captivate you and you want to learn more and more, then you have chosen the right direction, and it is worth developing in it.

What advice would you add?

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