5 Tips To Improve Your Child’s Mental Health

written by Fred Campos
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Protecting your child’s mental health isn’t always easy, and there are more stressors out there for children than you might think. To improve your child’s mental health, there are many areas you can focus on.

1 . Mental health apps for Improving Your Child’s Mental Health

There are several apps you can use for ideas and support.

  • Cosmic Kids: Using this app, you can help your children to practice yoga and learn about mindfulness. The application features over fifty yoga videos, including some fun Disney themed videos. Help your children to learn some new skills, relax and boost their endorphins.
  • Dreamy Kid: The Dreamy Kid app is a great tool to teach kids about meditation. Here you’ll find meditations in many different themes, whether it’s positive-thinking, building confidence, or coping with stress.

2. Be a role model

Parents understand that children learn by example, with this in mind it’s important to be a positive role model when it comes to mental health. Ensure that you have good stress coping tactics, and show your children the importance of a healthy lifestyle. When your children see you demonstrating a healthy lifestyle they will be far more likely to adopt healthy habits too.

3. Teach stress coping tactics for Improving Your Child’s Mental Health

It’s vital to teach your children to stress coping tactics, to help them handle difficult situations. There are plenty of stress coping strategies that are beneficial for children, whether it’s yoga, meditation, deep breathing, or writing in a journal. Encourage your children to try these activities when they experience stress, and model these habits yourself too. Writing in a journal is a great way for children to work through difficult emotions. Ensure they know that their journal is private and that they can write whatever they want in there.

4. Ensure healthy habits

Mental health and physical health are intrinsically connected, which is why it’s vital to ensure that your children have healthy habits. Make sure they eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, get enough sleep, and spend enough time outdoors. There are plenty of fun outdoor activities for children, and it’s important that they get a break from technology once in a while. It’s the simple things that count when it comes to improving your health.

5. Encourage self-esteem to Improve Your Child’s Mental Health

Great self-esteem plays a vital role in positive mental health. To encourage great self-esteem in your child, ensure they get plenty of praise, and that they take pride in their efforts as well as their achievements. Don’t set unrealistic goals for your children, or put too much pressure on getting good grades at school. Make sure your child knows that their efforts and their good character is more important. Lastly, encourage your kids to try new hobbies, learning new skills is a great way to boost their confidence.

Be mindful when you’re discussing sensitive subjects around your kids. Whether it’s chatting with your Divorce Lawyer, or discussing a seriously unwell family member, it’s important to shield them from any issues that may negatively impact their mental health.

What additional advice would you add?

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